My 2 years old daughter doesnt speak very well!
by mohdsadek, Jul 27, 2011
My two years four months daughter still doenst speak very well, she can say many words, she knows most of the things names, but not in a good sentence, like she can say I go bye, to explain that she wanna go outside, and she still using the verb stem in all situation, like She is laugh and not laughing and so on. im worrying that she is late and how we should do to help her improve her language. Note that we live in China, we speak arabic/english/french at home and people speak to her chinese.
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by melipops, Jul 27, 2011
Hi, i think she is doing fine. She is only 2. If she has that many different languages spoken within the home she will take a little longer I would think. She sounds perfectly fine. Good luck