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MRI Cervical Spine
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MRI Cervical Spine

I would like to get an unofficial opinion as to how long the following might have taken to develop.  This MRI was conducted in May of 2006.

The vertebral bodies are normal in height and alignment. There
is a mild scoliotic curvature.
The C2-3 disc is unremarkable.
The C3-4 disc has minimal posterior disc bulging and very slight
narrowing of the left neural foramen due to osteophyte.
The C4-5 disc has a tiny right paramedian disc protrusion without
cord impingement. The neural foramina are patent.
At C5-6, there is a combination of posterior osteophyte and disc
bulging with thecal sac impingement, but no cord compression or
spinal stenosis. There is moderate narrowing of the left neural
foramen and mild narrowing of the right neural foramen due to
The C6-7 disc has minimal bulging but is otherwise unremarkable.
The discs from C7 to T4 are grossly intact, and there is no edema
signal in the cord.
Relatively mild degenerative changes with slight thecal sac
impingement at C5-6. No significant cord compression or spinal

Of course it is much worse now but I am trying to ascertain as to when or what caused the initial problem.  Thanks.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

With all of us it will be different...if u were in a MVA it could develop quickly or slowly whichever ur body is more inclined to behave.....

It could also have an underlying issue like Ehlers-Danlos, or something that may allow the disks to shift ....if u were not injured from a MVA or fall etc....

Ur Dr may be better in trying to give u an estimate as I have no idea...sorry.
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