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Welcome to Spinal Cord Conditions/Disorders Community Please read this ...
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The spinal cord is the part of the nervous system that relays messages to and from the brain. Discuss topics including spinal stenosis, spinal cord injury or damage and treatment methods.

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Welcome to Spinal Cord Conditions/Disorders Community Please read this before you post!<img src='/RoR/images/blank.png' class='icon_img_ww push_pin_icon'>

This is a good place for info and support.

We are not doctors or health-care professionals. We are not qualified to give you better advice than your Doctor. This is simply a gathering of like-minded people sharing their experience and what we have discovered and hopefully putting things in “Plain English”.

Topics for this forum are spinal stenosis, tethered cord, Occulta tethered cord, bulging disks, and scoliosis, spinal cord injuries and or damage and anything that affects the spinal cord and treatments.

Most of all this forum is for support, If you need to talk, a lot of us check these boards daily or at least several times a week post your question and please be patient.


HEALTH PAGES- each forum has health pages with info on the condition/conditions related to the forum.These pages are located on the  bottom of the screen, scroll down.You may add to/update the health pages to share info.

HOME PAGE- shows all recent activity of ur medhelp friends and ur current PM( private message or notes received from medhelp friends)

PROFILE PAGE- Using the toolbar on the top header click on my medhelp you can type in a mood and change it as your mood changes, change your profile as needed which gives other medhelp members the ability to learn more about you and  the reasons you are here. Also info on where you live, city and state or just general location...pics-you can post for public viewing or to members you've invited/accepted as a friend.
There are additional tabs for baby pages, recording medicines ect.

JOURNAL- This tool is where you can keep all your feelings you can post for public viewing or to members you've invited/accepted as a friend.

HEALTH TRACKERS- found on profile page to help keep records you can e-mail directly to your dr. or print and take along on dr visits.

SHORTCUTS-  found in  the toolbar in the header allows you to move from one forum to another without returning to "home" or profile page.

report this- in box on threads- if you feel someone is  not following the rules for medhelp membership ,you can click on report this and moderators will review the post and determine if action needs to be taken.You can also contact any CL(community leader) with a PM(private message)
There is also on the bottom of your home page a link to "contact us" as well as medhelp suggestions forum.

If you find you are still having problems navigating, post a question and other members or CL will answer in the thread.

Link to Health Pages http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=1056

Your Community leader
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