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14 year old step son
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14 year old step son

So quick history. nearly 7 years ago i met my wife. I am 39 and shes 40. She has 2 boys now 14 and 15 . This issue with the 14 year old has become really bad around age 12 to 14.

Now i'm old school, I believe the role of a step parent is the same as a biological parent .

That said, i want to reach this kid, but hes a lot worse at hating me then his 15 year old.

We butt heads like arch enemy's. Clearly I do not want that. Yet all attempts to make peace have failed, it is all coming to head sooner then later I am afraid. If this don't stop I fear the worst.

He is prone to violent abusive out right un acceptable behavior.

List of all tried is quite long.

It has come to the point hes breaking a lot in the house. Attacking me and his mother physically and verbal.

I hate you

F you

i hate this house

i wish you all stay out of my life you worthless piece of sh**

and so on, I tell ya what , hes got a really bad temper that is scary.

His mother says she was the same way , but she turned out fine. Yes his real father is a real piece of work. Needless to say his real father , the boys real dad plays no part in there life but to hurt there mother. He uses them like tools to hurt her.

I need to save my marriage , I have got to reach this kid.

Ill admit as of late my like for this kid is gone. This is clearly not helping matters.

I guess I just need advise on how to stop this . Clear to me he resents the hell out of me, im the dad his dad isnt.

I get it, my dad left at 5 years old never to return. I accept i'm part to blame , never ending fight.

Difference is , I wish to end it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You all need to be resorting to counseling like yesterday.  It is obvious this kid has anger issues.  It definitely isn't good if his own mother has no control of him or the situation.

He is probably just resenting the situation entirely.  

Has he ever done anything other than the verbal abuse?
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