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The Return
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The Return

    moving back in his mind ..he walked in with a smile ...looking around something was off...wrong ...lamp askew...carpet rumpled...he walked slowly
threw the house ..heart pounding ...opening doors turning lights on ..the mess in each room tells him a robbery took place ..last door ....
he hesitates as his hand rests on the handle ..almost afraid of what he will see... hand involantary moving in a motion its familiare with ...
the latch clicks like gun shot in his mind ...door opening light blaring and there she was ...lying on the foor blood pooling around her ..staining
the rug ..he falls to his knees ..moaning  as he reachs her he reachs out to grasp her shoulder ,he rolls her over and horror envelops
him..the sight before him breaks his will and he crumbles down holding her to his chest weeping with loss and pain ....who had done this ...stole his
life and love ?....

        police buzzing around do what they do catologing ,writting in there little books ..a detective stands looking at the stain on the floor
...writing in his book angles ,splatter pattern....he will need to read the reports from the c.s.i boys ...he turns and walks out heading towards the
man sitting onthe couch holding his head in his hands ,momentary sorrow fills the detective he he sits down next to the man he pauses ..then asks do you have any idea who would want to hurt you in anyway?..eyes turn upward towards the detective bloodshot with tears the man shakes his head
....the detectve catchs a twitch telling him he lied .... he knows something hes not saying ...

    It rained the day of the funeral ...loyd walking back to his car ...a plan forming in his mind ..he starts the car ..and his resolve hardens ...he
drives to a place he left behind years before old life he had put behind him...they had come back ...come to make him pay ...pulling in to the
storage place he typed a code he never forgot ...a gate slides open squeling its cry of movement ...he pulls threw and drives the lanes till he gets to
the one hes looking for ..he shuts the engine of and steps out ..rain drenching him immeadiatly ...turning a lock over he dials the code ...latch opens
...removing the lock he opens the door ..stepping in ..he reachs the switch on the wall..flickering florecent light blinds him till it warms and soft
light fills the space ...moving threw the boxs he makes his way to the back and locates a chest and pulls it out and sets it on the table set up
at the back ...wiping dust off he pulls a key off his chain and turns it ...CLICK sounds in his ears he opens the chest moving aside the
dusty cloth to reveal weapons of death his hand touchs and caresses them as he checks eack one loading and feeling the action as he moves the bolts and
he knows what it has to be done ...finishing what he should have years ago ....a shudder racks his body as his pain comes rushing forth..biting his lip
he stiffles it time for that as he doned the guns and knives of a trade he left behind ...from his pain emerges a fire of cold fury ..all
his training come rushing back ...assasin is what he is ...taker of life ...he was warned he could never quit ...all the painstaking work of changing
every aspect of his life ..moving and identities and even so far as to change his prints ...he thought he had done it ...gotten under there radar
....fool he thought ... the only way out was death they said ...welll now its there turn to see what death has to say as he shuts the light off
moving out into the rain scaning his surroundings ...he almost steps out and there it is ..a slight smell...a change in the air ...he dives out rolling
out into the rain his gun flashes and a man screams and flys back toward to next door ...not stopping he pushs himself up and slams his back into the car
hand moving to fire at a shape rushing out of the darkness towards him...firing he rolls over the body and darkness envelops him as he darts towards a
better position he calms his breathing ,and scans the night for what he knows is out there ...
Tags: Pain, Work, Love, Cold, Blood
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another one im starting to work on hope you enjoy this one margypops
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i just noticed it didnt copy the first paragraph :(  so here it is

Loyd walked ,a walk hes done before ...always the same ..alone ,at night ...moving swiftly he moves on ..taking one step in front of another

this wasnt always his life ,but circumstances change..people change ..and now he has no choice ..time to go he thoght ...memories start to flood

in ...blood much blood he stared at his hands ...a body on the floor in front of him ...he gets to the door ......

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Well that one also held me .. you put the words together so well,I think you are a natural writer if I had that I would be writing non stop... I have the longing but like a lot of us I dont have the impulse to stay with it, I think writing has to be a habit ,do you write much? I liked it a lot ,be good to see some more ...
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i have a talent of speed reading ,i read about 750 to 1000 pages a day if i have nothing to do for writing life recently crashed around me and ive lost so much in my life and threw the darkest travesty comes the greatest talents and this writing comes out with out trying to hard ..maybe this is a talent but i actually always wanted to write i just never could get started that the door opened i cant stop i plan on making this story turn into as long as i can before i start  another one ... i am glad you liked it i am honored that someone actually thinks im ok at something ...ive spent along time feeling sorry for my self and i think this is my way of dealing with my pain ...thank you margypops
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hahah you are very welcome ...I speak the truth I think you have a writing ability its up to you to cultivate it, it will certainly help in healing you .Its a good thing, I have also found a little tidbit that helps most folks . Dont think too much,about what has been done, what you cannot undo ,  it is our thoughts that make us feel bad , it is possible to curb them ....
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