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Selexa side effects
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Selexa side effects

My question is recently my mother was switched over from Zoloft to Selexa. In this last week, she has become completely confused on what day of the week it is, where she is, what month it is etc. She is also reciting the alphabet, counting numbers, reciting colors all just out of nowhere. In the middle of a conversation, she just starts saying different holidays, like July 4th, Memorial Day, Christmas, etc. Could the switch to this Selexa from Zoloft do this to her?

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It shouldn't make this big of a difference as both Zoloft and Celexa are SSRI medications.  I am wondering, though, if the dosage is too high - by the way, your mother wouldn't be taking the Celexa as well as the remaining Zoloft simultaneously? Of course, every "body" is different and each person reacts differently to the medication.  The examples you have listed are common to people with dementia - you really should contact your mother's physician.
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What jdtm didn't mention or even -know- about was the fact that Celexa is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DRUG than Zoloft. Before giving out answers you aren't sure about jdtm, you should do your homework, otherwise people will trust your advice when they weren't given a correct answer.

Tricia, Celexa is a SSRI medication that has a chemical structure unlike other medications that are used to treat the same kind of depression/mood disorders. It is different than almost all other SSRI medications on the market, and because of it's unique-ness, it also has different side effects than other SSRI medications, and is also both one of the medications that is chosen for use after trying all other sorts of meds, -and- because it has side-effects that are more serious than other SSRI medications.

Your mom seems to be exhibiting a classic SERIOUS side effect from Celexa: confusion. It's rare, but very serious, and she should, if she hasn't already, stop taking it immediately. I am aware, however, that this is a very old topic, so I'm assuming the problem has been sorted out.

Good luck ^_^
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unbrageousdeity  said...."Before giving out answers you aren't sure about jdtm, you should do your homework, otherwise people will trust your advice when they weren't given a correct answer"  

Funny you should say that as you just did exactly the same thing!
You should NEVER stop any anti depressant without consulting your physician
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