Stress Induced Anorexia?
by Aligiah, Jan 31, 2008
I have no idea what to do about my situation. Recently I have been under a whole lot of stress, the normal teenage thing though 'this guy..'. You see, to put a very long story in short terms, I've been having problems with my bestfriend, and a guy. He would do anything for her, and when she told him to ask me out, he did. Though, somehow, I was suposed to know that he didn't really like me. I broke it off quickly, not thinking about the possibility that he never liked me in the first place. The next couple weeks we spent talking, and I started to think I liked him agian. He kept telling me things to make me feel good about myself, you know, as guys do. I fell for it for a while. Then, three days ago, I realized that he was 'in love' with my bestfriend. Well, she leads him on ALL the time, and it angers me, but I can be a pushover, and I let it slide. Now that I found out he only acted as though he liked me because my friend told him to, I am stressed. I then found out a day ago that he had a girlfriend even when dating me. But that is what my 'best' friend told me, she's been behind this the whole time so I'm not sure.

When he told me his reasoning for doing this to me I laughed at him and told him Thank you. Thank you for showing me what this feels like because now this type of situation will never happen EVER agian.

But I haven't been eating much lately, and every time I go to eat I gag on the food. If I get the food down it just comes back up. So I just gave up on eating, which I know is not healthy. I'm thining it could be Anorexia induced by stress. What do you think?

I'm drifting away from the majority of my closest friends, I feel like they can't be trusted. I don't know, I'm only fifteen and a Sophmore in High School. I can deal with this, I just need a little help.
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by jml1986, Feb 01, 2008
Anorexia is a control issue. If you feel like you have no control in your life it is not uncommon to have a eating disorder because the one thing you can control is the amount of food you put in your body.

I am speaking strictly as a mother of a daughter who is in college now but had some of the same issues you are having when she was in high school. '

The first thing you need to know is there is no guy in this world that is worth risking your health for. Second, your friends in high school will most likely not going to be your friends after you graduate. Yes I know that when you are in school so and so is your bff, but in real life that is not the case. The first person who will stab you in the back is your bff.

I always told my daughter that the people that did not like you in high school will want to be your friend a couple years after you are out of school and the friends you have in school will not be your friend a couple years after you graduate.

As a teenager I know that what you are going feels like the end of your world, but that is not the case. As hard as it may seem to do, you need to just blow this off and enjoy what time you have left in school. Your last couple of years in school can be great if you learn to roll with the punches.
by Typhoid777, Dec 02, 2008
As a thirty three year old mother of three who is also experiencing stress induced anorexia, I hesitate to tell you that this is all about some guy who spurned you, highschool angst, whatever.

I think it is the stress itself that is causing the condition and therefore teenage angst is not to blame. I am going through a very difficult time and as in the past when my stress levels have been particularly high, I have lost my appetite and have to force down food.

last time this happened I lost over 50 pounds. Losing a little bit of weight is a ok by me, but not like this. Anyone who has any advice and or experience in this matter other than "just relax" please let me know what you think. k?
by KatieFelix, Jan 22, 2009
I am a 26 yr old mother of two.  I also have this condition and been hospitialized cause of it.  My kidneys started to fail, hair falling out, and also just going through alot of stress.  I mean when my best friend killed himself when I was younger I choose to become belemic for a cpl yrs just my way of dealing with it..  This I didnt choose I have NO support and even my mom thinks im nuts lol but I had a baby about a yr ago and his dad I was with for a cpl yrs he was a drug addict though so it was a horrible roller coaster.  I stuck it out until he robbed me and then one day I came home from work and found him passed out hiding in my basement thats when my condition started.  They put me on meds to gain weight back cause I was 180 when I had the baby and got down to 125 and then that med brought me back up to 134 and now I am back down 126.  He gets out of jail in a cpl weeks. I mean I love the man but its alot of heart ache I have been through..  I am so glad I looked this site up lol cause I thought I was nuts.  I knew I wasnt making myself sick somehow etc...  people dont understand till they go through it
by Larla219, Sep 29, 2010
I am 18 years old, just graduated and certain conditions are making it so i will not be able to see him for 20 years. Because of this stress, i also have this condition. what helps is just realizing i have not eaten in a while and making myself eat. Also do activities that help stress in general, running, walking, excericising, etc. Those activities help bring your body endorphins you need to be happy. Also i've found that having a place or hobby that helps you de-stress is good as well I hope this helps a little.
by Larla219, Sep 30, 2010
I meant in that first sentence I just graduated from high school and certain conditions are making it so I will not be able to see my Father for 20 years.
by mamabear408, Feb 16, 2012
hey girl i got divorced a year ago. and the funny thing is that my ex-husband left me for another woman. and i met her ex one night and we started talking and believe it or not we just got married in may 2011. bad idea. ive been battling lies, cheating, messages , phone calls all between him and his ex wife. so ive been stepped on through this whole thing and just found out the other day he still telling his ex wife he loves her! after three year they hve been divorced!! he is causing my stress. to were now i cant eat im down to 115lb and im only 5' 6". i cry all the time my anxiety is off the chart.  i feel like im losing myself. and cant come back. i dont know how to fix this disease. but one thang i can fixc is making my new husband my new ex husband lol! cant do it no more. if you would like to talk reply. im looking for help and someone to listen to me and care about what im going through.
by sherby93, Dec 04, 2012
I am a college student and my boyfriend of a year and a half recently told me that he does not love me anymore. We are taking a break to try to have some time away from each other and for me to work on personal things, but he does not seem optimistic. Since all of this happened, and during times of stress in the past, I believe that I have this condition. I am unsure of how to handle it. I can barely force down food, and I do not want to be hospitalized because of compromised immunity, malnutrition, etc. However, I just cannot bring myself to eat. This has happened to me before, but it has never been quite this bad.