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itchy anus

well my butthole has been itching for over 3 weeks when i clean it or wipe after the bathroom it burns twice ive seen a pea size of blood when wiping what can b wrong?
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Sounds to me like you have hemorrhoids/polyps.  Get some preparation H and that should help.  I buy both the suppositories and the cream - suppositories of course are inserted into the anus and the cream which can also be applied to the anus works great when applied to the outside area of the anus where the itch and also some hemorrhoids appear.  

Try to include more fiber in your diet or at least take metamucil to soften your stools.  Also try not to force yourself when having a bowel movement as this can cause hemorrhoids.  Added fiber will keep your stools softer, smoother so they don't catch or cut into the skin.

If you continue to have problems please consult a doctor in the internal medicine field as these symptom could also appear for more serious problems such as Colon cancer.  A colonoscopy will tell if you have more serious problems.  It's a simple outpatient procedure where you'll be placed under anesthesia while they insert a colonoscope into the large intestine and can look and take biopsy.
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Hi annoyed101:

I don't blame you for being irritated about this (pardon the pun) because I have had the same situation before.  I suspect that your problem is due to one, or all, of the following:

     1.)  You have developed hemorrhoids.
     2.)  You have been wiping excessively, perhaps with coarse paper.
     3.)  You have developed a fissure, or some similar issue.

If you have been having problems with constipation, causing you to straing when going to the bathroom, then I suspect that hemorrhoids are the cause.  If you have been having the opposite problem, then excessive wiping and "unkind" paper are good possibilities.  

I would try some simple measures, to see if these cure the problem.  If they don't, then you may need to see your doctor.  Please try:

     1.)  Buying some soft toilet paper.  The cheap stuff costs you in ways other than money!
     2.)  Using some of the hemorrhoid medications that come in a tube.  Generics are fine in this case. These contain lubricants, which can help whether or not you have hemorrhoids.  
     3.)  Shower daily, using a gentle soap or bodywash.  You want to keep the area clean, but don't scrub!
     4.)  If you don't already, be sure to get some exercise.  Nothing crazy, but move around a bit.
     5.)  Increase your fiber.  This helps both with constipation and loose stools.  
     6.)  Try a medicated wipe, especially one with aloe.  This can help to keep you clean during the day, and can soothe any irritation.

If this doesn't help, or if things keep getting worse, please see a doctor.  You may have a fissure, an infection, or some other condition that a doctor can treat.

Good luck!
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maybe you have pin worms do they have over the counter medication for that? Try it maybe you will feel better.
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