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what do i do?
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what do i do?

so my husband left me last night sayin he wanted a divorce from me and he has done this for well since we first got married and i dont know what to do then he showed back up and noticed that i was crying and he started screaming again i just dont know what to do i love him but i dont know whether or not i can keep going like this can anyone help my please?!!!
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Cheer up a little bit. Back off and look at things in perspective. We are only here for a little while on this wonderful earth. Then death takes us all. And it can come suddenly.

To live for today and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool, because tomorrow is promised to no one.

There is life after divorce, and don't feel there isn't.

I am not a happy camper with men who constantly berate and diminish their female spouses. My experience (as a man) is that these people don't improve with time.

I would think strongly about leaving him and building a life with someone else.

Today I had a close friend find out he only has a few months left to live, so remember, there are worse things in life than an argument.

First of all, You deserve happiness and you and ONLY YOU can choose that path for yourself. This person seems to be very undecided on what he really wants. (except for making you unhappy).
Stand up and move forward with your life by excluding people who hurt you intentionally.
If you feel your marriage is worth fixing, then by all means don't give up. I don't advocate divorce, I advocate not being a door mat!!!! There's a certain amount of power that comes with telling the man.."I don't NEED you"  but I love you! I can live without you if I have to!
Bless you and choose today to stand up for yourself!
Yes you have to stand up for your self tell him he is not to yell at you any more and walk away when he does, if he wants to leave ,let him, Sometimes you have to real;sie that these kind of folks wont ever change and it gets worse as you get older, walk away or let him go, and get on with your own life it'll be tough to start with and you will miss him but hius behavior will continue unless he wants to change.
All I know is that if it's meant to be, it will be.
Live everyday as if it were your last, because one of these days, it will be.
I know it hurts now, but that won't last forever because there is simply no such thing.
Try to stay positive, best of luck to you.
Lizzy you are SO YOUNG and have sooo much to live for!  You should not be this stressed at 19 years old!  Care for your family and live your life.  If he wants to leave, let him go..
I went through similar things. After my husbands first deployment he came home and seem to not care about anything. I  held our marriage together for the past three years and he would at ever argument we had say " i don't know if i want to do this anymore" "i think we'll be better off going our seperate ways" "maybe we should get a divorce" ... After hearing this for so long and knowing i was doing everything in my power to keep our marriage together i gave up.  I decided if he wanted a divorce then i would give it to him. I love him so much that if i was not making him happy then it was selfish of me to keep making up both miserable. So i went and filed for a divorce and moved out while he was out of town. When he came home and seen what i had done he was shocked.  After we talked and i told him i could not handle it anymore and i loved him enough to let him go so he could be happy, he broke down.  He told me that he never really wanted a divorce, he told me he said those things out of anger and to get me to back off.  I explained to him that all those thing he had said over and over had convinced me that it might be best if we were apart. I also explained that the emotional rollercoaster ride he put me on all the times doing that to me was emotional abuse and i couldn't handle it anymore cause i felt like i was going to go crazy.  After all this we finally decided to make our marriage work and it is better now than ever. But he now knows that he can not say things like "i want out" or "i want a divorce" or anything of that nature when we argue because it hurts me to much and the damage it causes it horrible.  So all i can say is... If you love him like you say, Let him GO!!! If he comes back to you and changes to make you happy, then it was ment to be and he loves you! But if not, you did the unselfish thing by offering someone you truly love a chance at happiness  since you were not able to give him that no matter how hard you tried!!

I'm so sorry for you pain and i know how much it hurts, but during all of this pray and God will give you the strength you need and help you through. Pray for guidance!! Good luck to you and God Bless!!
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