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Family Breakdown.....HELP
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Family Breakdown.....HELP

Possibly you may be able to assist me in any kind of way.

My Father (59) had a 2nd stroke in April last year, at the time he lost his short term memory,  actually he lost all memories from the previous 5 year, at the time this put a great stress on the family as we lost my Gran a month before. Anyway, as the months past my Dad slowly got better,
Now if you did not know him, you probably would not think anything was wrong with him as he looks great, takes pride in his appearance and he still wants to achieve things in his life.

However, for  family members close to him we know something is not right, he is short tempered and  extremely aggressive and unfortunately this has now got to the stage where my mother and him are fighting so much that the Police have been called several times has resulted in my Dad being
Arrested, spending 2 nights in Police Custody, and now has a restraining order where he is not allowed back to his house until sometime in May, although that may sound rather scary for him, we have my mother who has been living in fear and walking on eggshells round him for 6+months, as things
Currently stand my mother simply cannot cope with his behaviour, I think she see’s him as the same person, and cannot understand his difficulties. My concerns are my dad has currently left the family circle and is staying with friends who will take care of him, but I feel the path they are will lead to
No good. He can’t seem to understand my Mum has his best interests at Heart, but all his hate and anger is directed towards her.

I have tried to speak with my Dad about his feeling’s and to be honest, the feeling I get is he does not actually know himself why he is angry and getting frustrated, although he acknowledges he has had a stroke, I think it’s quite not there that he is suffering personal turmoil and my Mother cannot
Support him. All my Dad says if she is pushing all his wrong buttons. I find it sad and it’s starting to take a toil not just on my Mum and Dad, but also on myself, sister and Aunt’s.

I have read up on strokes and brain injuries and all the signs are there which are even noted in your website, but we feel alone and require some kind of help to allow me to hopefully sort this.

Any suggestions, or advice would be most welcome and appreciated.
How are you? Complications of stroke may be temporary or permanent disabilities which usually depends on the length od time the brain suffers a lack of blood flow and which part was affected.  Aside from paralysis or loss of muscle movement,  other possible issues such as  memory loss or thinking difficulties, difficulty talking, emotional problems and depression, pain and changes in behavior and self-care may be observed. These can be managed with stroke rehabilitation and regular consult with his attending physician. A referral to a psychologist and intake of prescription medication may also help. It is best that you have him see his attending physician for proper management. Take care and hang on. Do keep us posted and best regards.
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