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I have a question about the drug Haldol. My 77 year old mother had a mild stroke that left her left side affected. While in the CCU unit in the hospital, she became restlest,  5mg injections where issued on 3 seperate occasions within 36 hours . the last after she was moved into a private room out of CCU. 10 hours after the last injection she fell into a deep sleep (Coma Like) state.  Was this a proper drug and dosage for a 77 year old female that weighed 102 lbs.??  She was improving from the stroke before she went into this comatose state. She never awakened from it, She passed away a week later from other Breathing complacations , not from another stroke.
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tragic beyond belief ---
The Haldol more than likely killed your mother.
Older patients require much lower doses than younger patients, due to changes in the composition of muscle/fat/water in the body; and changes in the rates and processes of drug metabolism.

Most physicians -- even in 2010 -- do not realize that there is never a good reason to administer Haldol in doses
that exceed 10mg per day (Woodward et al, 2007. Schizophrenia Research vol 89(1-3) pp211-224.) in older patients with dementia (such as Alzheimer's disease), Haldol doses of 2 to 3mg per day (or less) have been efficacious
in decreasing psychosis --- however, Haldol is always risky AT ANY AGE.

In 2004, your mother's physicians could not have read a "black box warning" on Haldol relative to an enhanced risk of stroke and early death when given to older patients with pre-existing dementia.  I do not know if your mother had received that diagnosis prior to her hospital admission.

I can say that the use of Haldol to control "restlessness" in the CCU was --- itself --- quite risky.

Furthermore, Haldol enters the cells of the brain and lingers for up to one month (if not more) based on studies
which have examined "brain elimination half-lives" of various drugs.   The plasma half-life for Haldol is 7 days, raising serious doubts about the need to "re-dose" someone like your mother any more often than every 3 to 5 days.

I suspect that the high dose given to your mother initially resulted in a further  drug-induced  aggravation of restlessness, which was not diagnosed appropriately as a drug effect.     Sadly, the doctors' decision to administer
high doses repeatedly more than likely enhanced the effects of your mother's mild stroke  and/or
induced the coma.

This is indeed a tragic story, and I am sorry to hear of your loss.

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Your right they are all wrong.
It is that simple.
I suggest that you file a lawsuit and an Attorney can tell you if timely or otherwise that can be gotten around as he/she can tell you.
The same thing happened with Patient in California with three major hospitals and over 26-fraud doctors and nurses, pharmacists, technicians, etc., and something that we have already started a book then film on in that Jack Nicholson of "One who flew over the Cuckoo;s nest" says it beats the one that he acted in.

Credits are no problem in that we have them all.
The major problem is to be honest and specific about the similar situation is that the doctors and nurses etc., in over 2000+ fraud "Hospital fact documents" are written by fraud doctors and guess what? Mostly are Tagalog doctors who get hired from foreign countries or let's say are from foreign countries who may have attended school in the freedom country the USA. Yes, free to "kill at will" with very little in their heads and of course the nurses will written into the notes anything that they are told in that "their" doctors are to them "Gods" and they appear to be to "Patients and Victims."
Guess what? We are suing three major hospitals in California plus over 26-doctors and nurses etc., for their involvements in the fraud (this is hardly negligence) in that the Tagalog doctors did what they did and wrote in the Hospital fact documents nothing but falsehoods that they in the medical community all knew all along that it was just one big scam.
I told the COO at KP-MV, California and his assistant when I got his letter f to "stop saying to others" what I have been saying and I keep saying to him why not just give me a polygraph test and if I fail the case is dismissed against all of those involved and we also pay the costs for the testing. He liked the idea but, the KP-MV-Lawyers don't do business that way and therefore it goes to the end and the best man/woman wins and the frauds just end up as liars. This is a fun case in that in the third hospital example patient was unknowingly kidnapped from his home and take to RCH-R, and after being in the third hospital for eight days and nothing wrong and the bill to Anthem Blue-Cross and Medicare was over (listen to this one) $93,000.00 dollars (yes, still USD). Guess what the records when retrieved show? Medicare paid them only .08 cents on the dollar. Got it?

What a book-What a movie-What "good" propaganda in reverse for all three hospitals. Defamation we tell P/MV "Be our guests!" (emphasis added).

Captain Kelly, D.I. USAF Intelligence NATO EU AU NA etc.
KKB&G, 25920 Iris Ave#210, Moreno Valley, CA 92551
951-243-7135   ***@****

Any doctor a part of this web site interested in reading over 2000 "legal fact documents" from the three major California and Nationwide Hospitals just let us know and we can assign to you rights to be given as a doctor those writings that are endless and if something could go wrong it did in these three hospitals and of course they just recently at KP created two other discs that were not known to Pt. and what they are is what does go on with "humans" working for in this case KP/MV who dropped into their original files over 87 new pages never previously a part of anything and of course not only lies but, badly written and enclosed fraud new documents that to this writer is simply amazing and as some say "out of sight."
Now you the reader or Patient who goes into KP doesn't read all of these things and only 7.63% of all crimes and frauds and/or malpractice wrongs ever are brought to anybody's attention in that as indicated by the Health Agencies in Washington etc., over 97-million people in the USA have an intellectual level of an eight grader. Sorry but true and these people are also "voters." For the reader's information not included are those in school now who are not in the eight grade and are also below going to school and those who do have the elderly problems that we all will whether we like it or not will have "someday," or even beginning tomorrow or past tense in that the doctors criminally wanted the Pt. to be "out of it" so that they in a conspiracy can "do their things" and commit the crimes and criminal wrongs who are today doing what they did to Pt. starting about three years before today and a long way to go just like that song "with James Caghney, "It's a long way to Tiperary   it's a long way to go ......"
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Hi Don. i will keep this short cas i cant look at comp screen now more than 10 min. Went to 1 hosp, thought i was having cluster headaches, & the shot me up with new drug, se-qu? Hosp denied it. Then i showed them paperwork, so they blamed it on my sphiechietrist, who treated me fr addh! Later i ws coursed goin to see my neurolist in another hosp. out of state, but had my broth. bring me early cas i was having multible attacks daily. 1 time even blood came out of my eye, & nose! We arrive at hosp. told my brother stop here! It was ER. I run it, please help me! Another attack! 3 doctors, & on my 3rd cat scan i go what r u doing to me?! All i want is oxygen! They go how do u like us now?!! Laughing at me. Then they go we will give u 1.5 liters of oxygen after u pee. Couldnt pee, so they cath me. Finally i passed out from pain or went into coma? They did not know i was with my brother! Woke up next day, in mental ward?! Where is my neurolist? Never mind him! U r dealing with us! My blood pressure dropped to 60/57. Dont worry we will get it lower! I spoke up then, & my daughter also who is a nurse aide. Stayed their fir 5 days, while they poison me with Abilify. Refused to take it anymore. I was a heart patient, & now a stroke patient. In my take home paperwork, it said DNR! tHEN THEY RECINDERED IT. For next 6 months i kept getting ill, from ear infection to memory problems(cant remember how many other disorders. I do remember the flies hovering over me, while i could not move fr 5 days!(took pictures) Finally i look over to my oxygen, & decided to try that on high doses, & i got out of bed in 2.5 days, & fixed the fly problem. Finally i went to the M.---oO  Clinic, & they had talked to my PC, & HE TOLD  them i ws crazy, & they od me on 3 shots of haloperadole, & then realized it, & ship me 300 miles away via ambulance to another hospital! On way home, my ear popped, & it ws like all the fluid in my head went to my lungs, & i hacked up flem (phlegm) for 3 days(big baggy) Showed it to my PC. He shot it away. Been sick since. Really sick! I now rely on pain meds, & oxygen., Now i am also losing my eyesite! Look at photo. This is how i look not doin oxygen. Not 1 hosp. in the USA will see me?!! Each day it gets worse. It looks like i have mottled veins, & my memory does not last over a day, & i now start to fall asleep on computor, after 1-2 hours. I am in process of hiring a helper. 1 hospital that says it is prudent i get a second opinion, so i am hoping they will see me, but it looks dismal, & i feel like i might die? nOT 1 , agency will help me! I talked to the nat. stroke foundation, & they told me to sue! I am not capable of even using the phone! My eyes ache, & r also swollen. I gain 25 pounds of inflamation (inflammation). Money is no problem. Getting help is! (hopin that this other hosp. will still see me out of state, but i want to be able to go with a home care worker as support, & other reasons. My PC, wont give me a referal to a neurolist! OH, forgot to mention i am not sphycotic! I cant remember if i mention the 2nd, hosp, neurolist never even stopped in to see me! I honestly think that hospital almost got away with murder, until they ralized my brother was with me.( the DNR, paperwork) Any suggestions before i go blind, or die ?) Thank u. Steve. That pict. i think is a picture of a really ill man.(only thing keeping me alive is my high belief in faith, & oxygen, & pain meds.) I know i should be in a stroke unit!) 2 local doctors tried to tell me everyone looks like that! 1 doctor 'moved on', but ws nice enough to leave me my paperwork, & sure enough it said cerebral artery occlusion with cerebral infarac! Just as i thought. Just wanted to know what ur opinion was? Thanks, Steve
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