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Help me understand.....
Hi there ~

Apologies if I have placed this question in the incorrect topic.

My father (66yrs young) collapsed and fell into a coma at 8 a.m this morning. He was obviously taken to the hospital & when I arrived the nurses were saying that there was nothing that could be done for him. He was asleep in bed and having some white liquid pumped into an IV drip.
I would like to know exactly what this was? Also how is it that my father could not be helped although I have just read another posting wherein it had said that the other members father had such a deep bleed inside the brain they didnt think he would survive But that person made a full recovery.

Please help me understand it all... My dearly beloved father collapsed at 8 a.m by 4 p.m he had gone. :o(
Hospital are calling it 'Intercerebral Haemmorhage' ~ or however you spell.

Many thanks for your time

Kind regards ~ Niki
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