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TIA and facial tingling, redness
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TIA and facial tingling, redness

My husband was diagnosed with a TIA 3 years ago.  Following the incident, he had severe facial tingling and redness to the right side of the head.  He has not had any symptoms following this until 1 week ago.  He now has the tingling, tightness and redness on the right side of the head again.  He will call his neurologist on Tuesday but does this mean another TIA coming on?
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I had a TIA on May 31st of this year.  48 years old, I have been smoking for 30 yrs and had never quit.  I have high bp due to a kidney disease - glomulernepheritis.
  I believe I had symptoms/warning signs for about 6-9 months before. Starting with extremely, extremly bad headaches-3 mths before the TIA.  A couple of them lasted at least 18 hours - effected my whole body.  Then three fingers on my right hand would periodically get tingly/numb.  Pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger of right hand.  I would just shake it, thinking I had carple tunnel or something.  Never said anything to my doctor. That went on for about 6 months.  I remember a couple of times during that 6-9 months, my right arm felt funny, like it was heavy.  I ignored it, thought it was age symptoms.
About a week before the TIA, my right foot up through the calf to my knee was extremely swollen.  Left foot was OK.  I just elevated it and tried to stay off of it.  Also during that week the bottom right of my lip went numb, like the dentist shot novacine in my lip.  Exactly the bottom half of my lip.  I didn't understand it - nor did I see my doc for it = because it went away!  All the symptoms went away - but they all led up the day I had the TIA.
  Came home from work, was sitting here at my computer.  It was all very odd, my right hand on the mouse wouldn't move - It felt funny, then my right arm was completely numb and I couldn't move it. My vision got very strange - but I struggled with my left hand to try and get my right hand off of the mouse.  I didn't understand why I couldn't move my fingers or my arm.  Taking my left hand I tried to touch my right, I couldn't, it was like I was looking in a mirror and trying to touch something - my left hand was fine but I could not get it to touch my right - I sent in front of it, to the left of it - I didn't understand why I couldn't touch my right hand.
  I struggled with what was going on and concentrated very very hard to get my left hand to my right on the mouse and pick my hand up.  At that point by me concentrating = I knew I was having a stroke.  I finally got my left hand to pick up the right - it was dead - I picked it up and held it to my side.  Turned my chair around because I had to get to my cell phone in the living room - I was home alone.  I stood up off of the chair and sat back down, there was something wrong with my right leg.  I stood up again and I fell in the chair.  I stood up again with all my weight on my left foot and reached for the wall with my left hand to help balance myselft.  I eventually got to my living room couch to the cell phone - I was walking like I was crippled - I knew I was having a stroked and I was scared.
  I got to the couch and layed down - trying to calm myself to call my husband at work or 911.  I closed my eyes and tried to convince myself I was going to be OK - to calm down.  I opened my eyes and looked to my right and both of my Labrador Retrievers - one 1 1/2 yrs old the other 14 years old were right next to my head looking into my eyes.  Very very still, not wagging their tails, but looking directly in my eyes - they were only 6 inches away from my face.  They must've followed me to the couch - they knew something was wrong.  I closed my eyes again and said to my dogs - Mamma will be OK just give me a minute - I said it a couple of times.  I opened my eyes again and looked to the right and they were still there - they were guarding me.  I wiggled my toes, both feet and I could feel the feeling coming back to my right leg and my right arm/hand.  All of a sudden I was OK.  I called my husband's cell, I couldn't get him on the phone, I called my sister in California and told her what happened - she told me to get to the hospital.  I did immediately.  When I got there I was walking with a limp and the right side of my mouth was droopy.  My BP was 180/120 - they admitted me immediately.  Ran all kinds of tests, I stayed in the hospital for 3 days.  It was a TIA, a blood clot dislodged from my neck (plaque) and shot up to my brain. Doc has me now on 75 mg Plavix and asprin, 40 mgs of Lisiniopril for BP.  I quit smoking that day -doc put me on welbutrin and the patch, I havn't smoked since I had the TIA.  Very, very scary - I just wish I had gone to the doctor when I was having those strange symptoms that I didn't seem was important.  I have no permanent damage from the TIA - for about a week I had a hard time with remembering names and had a hard time just saying words.  But that is all gone now.  
  If you smoke QUIT - smoking is a major contributor to TIA's and strokes - this I did not know.
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