by chloeesmom, Feb 16, 2009
For over a month now I have had a twitching in my right eye, cheek, lip, chin. There is no pain. Just the twitching and it comes and goes. I haven't gone to the doctor yet because my work has a time clause and I can't get off to go unless I have the time and everyone knows Doctors offices close around 5pm. So what am I to do. I do have headaches and sinus problems for along time. I was just curious if anyone out there has ever experienced the same thing and if this might be Bells Palsy. My daughter has Bells Palsy when she was born premature 3lbs. You can tell when she smiles. Her lip droops just a bit. Anyway anyone having any symptoms like mine. let me know please. thanks
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by Dr SantosBlank, Feb 19, 2009

Twitching of the face may be due to a disorder involving the facial nerve. This can result from infection, injury, or tumors.  Are there other symptoms present? Bell's palsy is known to be caused by a virus and presents with facial weakness.  I would recommend that you have this evaluated further by your doctor. A referral to a head and neck surgeon may be indicated. A complete physical examination and several tests may be done to help with the diagnosis.

Take care and keep us posted.
by mkklenkar, Oct 20, 2010
I'm just doing a bit of online reasearch and I've found this... the muscles on the right side of my face, particularly close to my eye, have been twitching for about a half hour, and they also sort of feel the way a bodypart feels when it "falls asleep".
My eye has only twitched like this for a few minutes at a time before now. It's probably no big deal thought...
I have often muscle twitching all over my body, but it is never serious and usually can only be felt and not seen. my mom says this is a sign of poor nutrition, but I exercise and don't eat fast food, which seems like an achievement for today's generation of adolescents. I do not have an eating disorder- I could never, I love food, but I am underweight.
Do any of the things I have stated indicate anything more than unfortunate, inaidable circumstances under which my muscles twitch? Hahaha that sounds kind of funny.

Hey look the inside of my elbow is twitching (no joke..)
by aloris, Dec 20, 2011
My face is doing exactly as you describe.   Did you find out what was cause your face to do this?
by Halz, Mar 24, 2013
My body has been twitching for the last couple of weeks, my mum-as most would say- thinks it's stress from my GCSE's but it's more than that. I've been more stressed before and that only made my eye twitch, not my elbow, the side of my face, my thigh and a whole lot more!! Did anybody figure out what was the cause of their twitching?!