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hemmoradic stroke
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hemmoradic stroke

I was just advised I suffered a hemmoradic stroke , I  m. wonding if what my life expancy could be , or do I act like im walking on eggshells waiting for a blood vessel to rupture and I drop dead or can I live a long while if I follow dr.s orders?
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Hi marriet.

Well, a Hemorrhagic Stroke is exactly what you are worried about:
A ruptured blood vessel that ruptures and the blood flows out and around the surrounding tissue in the brain. So you had this already.
The prognosis is not possible to establish with any degree of accuracy due to the absence of clinical information, reports and other details.

If you had a subarachnoid hemorrhage you have greater chances of surviving this about 85%, but if you had an intracerebral hemorrhage, then your chances of survival are lower.
Could you supply more details perhaps, or if you're not up to it-and it would be understandably justified- perhaps get a close relative or friend to do it for you.

It is of utmost importance to:
a. Get the best treatment possible. This is not a time to be concerned with extra costs, if you are able to pay.
b. Follow the advice you are given, religiously!!!

If not given a comprehensive plan, for ongoing care and prevention,simply DEMAND it! Do not compromise at all.

It's your life at stake here, not theirs and as much as they try their best, we know how the medical system is overburdened and often dysfunctional
given the time constraints, limited staff, mistakes, financial considerations, etc.

If you are not able, appoint someone close to you to speak on your behalf.

This is not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.

Love & Light
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