sleeping a lot after stroke
by cazzie, Jul 29, 2005
My dad had a "mild" stroke 3 weeks ago. He cannot swallow and has slurred speech but he doesn't appear to have any other paralysis. He has a feeding tube in his stomach. My concern is that he sleeps ALL the time. Therapists come in and can't really work with him because they can't keep him awake very long. I've read this is normal but it has been 3 weeks and he seems to be sleeping more now than he did after the first few days of the stroke. They are moving him into the nursing care portion of the hospital. To me, the only way he can get better is if he can stay awake and respond to therapy. Is it normal to be sleeping for this long after a stroke? Shouldn't he be getting more energy each day? Is there a critical timeframe whereby if he doesn't start waking up more than we can expect him to be like this forever?
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by Tidbit, Jul 29, 2005
I was recently in the hospital myself for a mini stroke.  My Neuroligist order that I under go physical therapy, there is a time frame, but you need to really discuss this with his Doctor, because every case is not the same, everyones body is different in the way that we react to things.  Talk with your Dad and encourage him.  It helped to have my family along for the ride, I was told if I didn't use it, I would lose it.  Please think positive thoughts, and encourage your Dad the same way, him having a feeding tube maybe depressing him some, and he needs all of you support at this time.
Lots of well wished to your Dad and prayers!
God Bless you and yours!
by JJPIII, Aug 04, 2005
My father had a stroke 7/9/05.  He has also been very sleepy, and sometimes non-responsive.  We were told by the medical staff that he would have to stay awake and move to become more alert and get on the road to recovery.  We told this to dad several times.  He got the message.  We started working his arms, hands, legs and feet (both sides) for range of motion 5-6 times a day.  We did it whether or not he was awake.  We started this on 7/30/05 and on 8/1/05 he was transfered to acute rehab, able to participate in rehab from 9 AM to 3 PM with an hour nap every two hrs.  He's pooped by the end of the day, but he seems to be able to handle it.
by RyansMom, Sep 11, 2005
My father-in-law had a stroke 2 weeks ago.  They moved him to rehab this past week.  He was sleeping a lot!!  The rehab dr. put him on Ritalin.  It has been wonderful.  He now stays awake and is able to concentrate better.  Ritalin in adults make you more active and in childern less active.
by reesecuptripled, Feb 15, 2010
I had a major stroke in 9/05/1996, I was only 16 and I never used to take naps but now, I sleep for more than 12h a day. Everybody thinks I am lazy but I just want to sleep. If you are anybody know the medical term for the reason why I am sleeping please write it down.
by krissy2002, Mar 03, 2013
My father had 2 major strokes ine un 08 snd the other in 2010. Aftetvthe first one he was more alert after the first week, but then did nothing but sleep. He was in the hospital from March of 08 until April of 09 in and out of different rehabs. He did get back in his feet with a walker and started talking again
Then his 2nd in 2010 really did him in. He lives with me and now is declining. So I can tell you it can gwt better with the right thearopy. Hang in there and stay positive. Oh and my dad is 75 and his body has just had enough. It been a very long battle for him.
by spoilher101, Oct 23, 2013
Just wanted to let u know, ive had strokes since 1991, & 2 heart attacks. I am 60. I take ritalin to concentrate, pain med to help keep me awake, OH last stroke was so bad, & painful! I discovered high doses of oxygen really helps out, & i think it is helping me stay alive. The past week, it has gotton so bad, that after 2-3 hours i am fighting to stay awake! I wonder every day, "how long i have" No one will tell me. My neurolist just canceled my appointment. Very uncomfortable. There is the stroke association of america, & also brain associations. Just the last few days, i became aware of them. GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
by chuck2014, Feb 17, 2014
My dad had a stroke almost a month ago and he sleeps all the time.   He's returned to the ICU and a breathing tube for the second time for aspiration trouble.   Did you get answers to your questions because I'm wondering the same thing.
by chuck2014, Mar 03, 2014
Update:  my dad is out of ICU for two weeks now but aside from a brief two days last week of improved alertness and talking, he is back to sleeping all the time.   As mentioned in other posts above, this impacts his ability to participate in physio and occupational therapy.    I lifted his arms up and down 20 times just now as a start tonight; his eyes drifted open slightly from sleep to survey this disturbance.   Any other ideas to help improve alertness?  Hypnotic suggestions tapes to play?   Or is this all disturbing his body's natural need for healing sleep?
by MaryZ38, Mar 05, 2014
Hi Chuck:

Similar situation here.  My dad went into the hospital a couple weeks ago with stroke like symptoms.  They can't do an MRI on him due to a pacemaker and the CT did not show much.  He was released only to return a couple week later to the CCU with pneumonia.  They put a PEG tube in due to aspirations and had him on a breathing machine.  He was alert up to two days ago. Now he is sleeping all the time.  They have moved him around, taken blood, and nothing.  He opens his eyes once in a while, give a glazed stare over the room and then goes back to sleep.  All of his vitals look average, except for this unexplained sleeping.  I asked them if I should try to wake him and keep him awake, but they told me no.   I am really at a loss.