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tingling left side of face and neck
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tingling left side of face and neck

Have tingling and numbness from my jawbone to my neck
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The information you have provided is a little vague..

Have you had a stroke before? and are these symptoms you are having after your recovery?

Or are you worried that you may have a stroke? Do you suffer from migraines at all? i only ask about the migraines becasue i know that they can cause feelings of pins and needles.

If you could provide us with a bit more information, we might be able to help you better.

Denise x
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An episode can be brought on by either physical activity or sitting sedentary in the car or house.  Wednesday AM I was on the treadmill and while walking I had two 8 lb dumbbells doing overhead presses trying to multiply the fat burn.  About 20 minutes into the routine I felt it coming on so I stopped and went and sat down.  It came on pretty strong and lasted from 8:30AM until a little past noon.  Pain in the neck up throught the top of the leftside of the head.  The pain is not the same intensity all the time.  It eases off and then comes back strong like waves during the episode.

This AM, around 8:30 again, we had walked out to the car to go to church and as we were driving out the driveway I felt it coming on and it stayed with me until noon or so.  This is how it does:

I'll be doing whatever and then I will sense a slight warming-pressure-type feeling around my left temple a little above my left ear and just in front of my left ear.

It will begin to intensify with heat and pressure and then will begin to spread to my left cheek and then in behind my left eyeball.  It spreads up into the left side of my head and down the left side of my throat.  My voice becomes raspy and toward the end I will begin to sweat.  During the deal, if I get up to walk, I will lose my balance to the left side.  I've never fallen down but I am not able to walk a straight line when I'm in a full blown session.  Always fall to the left.  Never the right.

I don't have any "shocking" pain like an electrical shock.  This pain starts kinda like a branding iron on a cow.  Slightly touching and then increasing as pressure is applied as time goes by starting at the left temple.  It sometimes feels like a hot poker on the left side of my throat going up into the left side of my head, cheek and left eyeball.  Never any numbness.  My right side has never been affected.

My vision doesn't seem to be affected nor does my strength on either side.  I could function with the pain, infact, I can drive fine during an episode, I just fall over to the left when I get up to walk.

The neurologist I went to a couple of years ago had an MRI and MRA done and checked out my carotid arteries which looked ok.  The vessles in my head looked ok too.   She put me on Topimax for a month or so and also Plavix but I had episodes while taking both of these so I quit them.

The problem just faded away a while back and then last week reappeared.  I think it may have been triggered by me stumbling over a piece of rebar while walking last Friday night.  When I stumbled I went "out of control" flailing around trying to stay upright.  I managed not to fall but I was shook up pretty badly.  Thought I had hurt my knee but it seems to be OK.  I was dodging a water puddle and hit the rebar that was inlaid in a concrete manhole lid--so it didn't budge when I hit it.  Iknow I jerked my neck and many other parts during the flailing to avoid falling.

One other thing that is going on is that my left cheek and around my ear will begin "tingling" at certain times. If I turn my head to the right and hold it the tingling will begin slowly at or near the temple on the left side, radiate to the left neck and up the left side of my head. When I straighten my head, the tingling dissipates just the opposite way it started.

Anybody had something like this?  Been going on for 7-8 years.  Just had a stress test, echo cardiogram and 24 hr heart monitor.  All normal.  Carotids ok too, last week.
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Think you might try a Chiropractor, your neck may be out of proper alignment and pressing on a nerve causing these symptoms.
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I  have had 4 strokes. One recently this year in March.  I had an MRI and MRA 4 days ago to see if I have any blockage.  Yesterday, I was dizzy , so I relaxed.  
Today my left side of my neck is like I have a been numbed. It is like spreading into my throat and up to my left temple. I am a lil nauseous, I have a little pain like in my left breast area. I am dizzy while talking, or sitting. Lil off balance on left.
I don't know what to do. Called my doctor but talked to on call doctor and he wasn't much help at all.  I took an aspirin and I am going to lye down.  If it keeps on should I go to ER.
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