silent fetal death at 38 weeks last nov.16,2008
by ru16, Jan 06, 2009
i had complete prenatal check ups and healthy pregnancy but only my blood HGB is low and have medicine and get 11.9 g/dl ..until my last check at 38weeks was fine and 1cm dilated, on next day morning i feel like menstrual cramps but not so hard and pain and no bleeding at all, but around 4pm i decided to go to the hospital because i think it was a labor signs..and my OB check mycervix and it was 3cm dilated after that i bleed fresh red blood my first bleeding throughout pregnancy after that she check my babys heartbeat and no beating she said my baby died and transfer me in big hospital for emergency C-Section..when we arrived in big hospital my lower abdomen was so painful i thought me too wil lost my life on that evening and the doctor operate me via CS was so terrible i lost my son cause of placental abruption...i dont know what is the cause of placental so afraid to get pregnant again in the future..what happened? its a big question? any advise?
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by heartfluttersflyawayplz, Feb 15, 2009
so sorry for the loss of your angel son, my heart ackes for you , i had a very good friend who lost her baby with that , it just happens , but she went on to have a healthy baby girl 4 years later after she came to closerure with losing the first so if you want another one talk to your dr am sure he will give you the go ahead.
by sammycung, Aug 15, 2009
Awww i'm so sorry, you poor thing :(
I can't even imagine how hard that would have been for you. You know as scared as you are to have another baby again, i think your chances of that happening again are low. Try to stay positve, good luck.

Im so sorry :( xx