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Complications after ablation
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Symptoms of Supreventricular Tachycardia also know as SVT can come on suddenly and can go away without treatment. Episodes of SVT are caused for a reason other than stress, exercise or emotion. They can last a few minutes or as long as 1 or 2 days, sometimes continuing until treated. The rapid beating of the heart during SVT can make the heart a less effective pump so that the cardiac output is decreased and the blood pressure drops. The following symptoms are typical with a rapid pulse of 150–251 beats per minute: Pounding chest Shortness of breath Chest pain Rapid breathing Dizziness Loss of consciousness (in serious cases) Numbness of various body parts If you have SVT this group is for you.

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Complications after ablation

Im 23 and just had an ablation. I have SVT 20% fraction to my left something (sorry im not a doctor so the words confuse me)
Ive been healing for a week,Well the procedure was only supposed to be to my left atrium i think its called but they did both atriums, without me knowing. now, everyday my heart palpitates like its being shocked and i lose my breath for a split second. Several times a day. Id say roughly every hour.
I was very clear at all the prior visits to my doctor and the day of the procedure that if there will be any complications, or if there is a posibility of me being put on a machine like a pacemake or defib than to call the procedure off and i will try to live my life taking my meds. Which is coreg.
My main questions would be.
Is it possible that this can be medical malpractice?
Are doctors aloud to change there mind and ablate a valve they never mentioned to be ablated?
Why did they have to use shock paddles on me twice during the procedure?
And mainly, why wont the doctor answer any question and has his staff deny me to make an appointment?
I feel worse than i did before and i dont know what to do
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