internal hernia
by luc52, Feb 27, 2010
What is an internal hernia? I have had sever pain an inch or so above my naval and several inches towards the right for 5 months.Pain travels through my ribs all the way around my back. I can't take it any more. Had rotten gallbladder out on 1/27/10 but that did'nt help a bit. ER visit in DEC . CAT scan report mentioned swelling and possible blockage but UGI showed no blockage. It sure feels like it. I can even feel when it releases because pain stops and bowel sounds like a drain was just unclogged. Surgen is now asking me what I think it is. HELP!
by Elliot R Goodman, MDBlank, Mar 03, 2010
Internal hernia is a twist of the bowel around a fixed point e.g. a band of scar tissue
Can be diagnosed with CT or barium x-ray
Your pain could just be adhesions without obstruction
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