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Swine Flu Testing


        To many of you wondering what is going on with the Swine Flu everyone is talking about.

There is a Pandemic going on about a flu that is said to be a mixture of flu's(bird, pig, human). The US along with other countries are warning people not to travel to Mexico because of the deaths that have been occurring due to the Swine Flu. We are in a State of Emergency for this Flu and isn't something that we should just take lightly. Most of this which i am guessing is happening because of the lack of communication the people that already have come in contact with the flu and their doctors are having. Most people, scared to go to their doctors because they don't want to find out they have the virus, and some don't know where they could go to get tested because of the lack of resources we have. I myself have not heard of a place that we could go in our area to get tested for this virus.

The main problem we are having is that we do not have a place to go get a check up without having to make appointments that could take days to even get a check date. Many people have been going into the emergency room asking to see their doctors because they have no where else they know they can go to. Some of these symptoms are related to the common flu but the have no way to find out that they did not have the Swine Flu without having to go to the hospital on emergency. Although some places are available, they still require insurance or Medi-cal to get attended. There isn't enough places we could go to feel more assured that we will be alright.  

What i believe should be done is having more information of places we could actually go get a Swine Flu check up.
Along with that clinics should be giving free testing of the Swine Flu in more areas to prevent more people getting sick and infected. This will further yet improve the situation people are put in and less people will have to worry about having this contagious virus.

Got Any ideas of your own?

Feel free to post anything you have in mind

All Comment and suggestions and support will be highly appreciated.
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When there was a Swine Flu threat back in the 70s, people lined up at shopping malls and county operated clinics to receive free (government subsidized) vaccination shots. Perhaps, something like that (if it's not too late) should be implemented.
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My problem with the Swine flu vaccination (in the 70s) is that it wasn't safe for thousands of people. Many people had Guillian Barre Syndrome after the vaccination and 25 people died as a result of the vaccination. In fact, there were more deaths from the vaccinations, than there were from the Swine flu ! Two of our members in the fibro/CFS forum, claim that their fibro illness was either caused by the Swine flu vaccine or the Swine flu vaccination contributed to their illness.


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