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Adventures in Insemination

Has anyone tried IVI (intravaginal insemination) or do they have an interesting story regarding it from someone they know? Will post my story below.  I think its kind of funny.  Just thought I'd share.
Having had 2 failed cycles of IUI's, DH and I decided that we couldn't afford to keep doing them right now.  Plus DH is coming home on leave in 4 months right about O time of month and then coming home for good in 6 months, so we will continue to try naturally.  But there were 4 vials of sperm left at the clinic which I didn't want to waste so I looked up ivi on the net and decided to give that a shot.  Only thing was, the clinic had never had anyone want to do this before (leave it to me to rock the boat). :)  So here come the lawyers to decide if they could give me our sperm back. I personally didn't see how they could keep if from me.  Well, they put off the decision for over a week, till the day my OPK showed positive and then said they could do it.  So I had to rush 100 miles to get to the clinic before the people that handled frozen sperm left for the day.  I was hoping they would let me take 2 vials and pay to leave 2 for next month's try if it didn't work.  Nope, take em all or leave em.  Left the clinic with 4 vials on ice.  Tiny little things that thawed out on the way home.  Tried to find a syringe at the clinic pharmacy.  The lady asked me what size I needed, how much medicine was going in it.  Had to tell her I didn't know and that it was for sperm.  *Blush*  Finally found one that I figured would be more size appropriate (little med. ones wouldn't shoot very far, I didn't think) at the vet's.  Did not tell them what it was for this time.  Started freaking out at home.  How would I do this?  How long does the sperm last after being thawed and outside of the body?  Was I going to do it too early or too late?  How do you romance yourself with a 2 year running around?  Tried to get the neighbor to watch him for an hour but their kid had the flu, so no go there.  Didn't know what to put the sperm in to get it into the syringe.  Finally dumped the little bits in a bowl, then sucked it out of there.  Too many bubbles, shot it back out.  Can't get rid of them, lot of air in there, but pushing on it to get it out shoots out the sperm.  Augh!  Gave up and went in the bedroom, locked the door and did the deed.  Shot it in and it shot back out like it hit a brick wall.  Have no idea what that was about.  Child pounding on door now and screaming.  So much for keeping anything elevated.  So freaked out by everything that I can't unlock the door and think its busted and I'm stuck in there forever.  Finally think to turn it the other way and get the door open.  Child is laughing at me by now because I'm yelling at him to let go of the door knob so I can get the door open and he's not even near it anymore.  Stressing!  Figure most of it has come out by now but still manage to lay down for about a half an hour.  Miracle of miracles with an active 2yo.  Told DH I didn't even get to seduce myself with candles, wine, and soft music.  Just a wham, bam, Mom--open door!  DH said, oh well, you didn't get that the 1st time you got pg either.  He's got a point there.  LOL  Well, here's hoping I get the same results as then.  I know there's not much of a chance of it working, but hey, a slim chance is better than none.  SSBD to all!

I was going to say that I've heard about a lot of females couples doing this, so there might be some specific message boards that talk about it. But nothing is going to top that story.

Sometimes I wish I could just do that every month, take that slight chance without having to deal with doctors, and not watch so many months go by, but I've been too intimidated to try talking to one of the banks about sending something to a home address. And I'm totally intimidated by the idea of liquid nitrogen tanks and the little vials being too cold/too hot/too ??? Especially too cold! Brr!
OOOOOOH loving your story!!

Sorry I don't have anything to share, although we had seriously considered 'DIY IVI' as my partner has a low sperm count and I figured if I could get those little swimmers in a syringe and push them in as far as I could it would give them a better chance as after 4 years TTC anything was an option... I even searched Ebay for 'self insemination kits'!!

As luck would have it I miracously managed to fall pregnany unaided a few months ago and so far so good...

I really hope your efforts paid off and the half an hour you did manage to elevate did the trick... with vials it sounds like you have a really good chance!!! I will keep an eye out for your update and wish you lots of luck. SSBD :)

I was already rolling on the floor by the time you got to the vet's office.

After a number of failed IUIs with "frozen donor" sperm (even seen Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer on Saturday Night Live?), we actually tried with sperm from a friend, who lived on the other side of the continent. I won't even go into the adventure and expense of getting the proper kit and refrigerated container for shipping. Anyway, once it arrived I had a similar scenario to yours. Very awkward! What are you supposed to do with it? Well, just "get it in there" - somehow.

Not very romantic indeed. Guffaw. SSBD to you, and if humour enhances fertility, we'll all be like Old Mother Hubbard soon!  

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