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Does FSH value tell you the viability of your eggs?
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Does FSH value tell you the viability of your eggs?

I am super new to this and just had some initial work up done by my doc at kaiser. They seem to think all is "in order" but I know I am in for a real ride. I don't understand most of your abbreviations, so if you could please write out your answer  (I apologize in advance). I am 40 years old  and my fsh is at 7.1 but I'm not sure what this means. I am pretty upset because I've been trying to conceive ( ok, I know that one... Ttc lol) for a while and had my first ferti
Ity a ppt at age 37 but no one told me that after age 40 the drop off in odds of conception is so stark!!! No one told me I should have frozen my then viable eggs in case I didn't end up pregnant before 40!  What a disservice doctors do by not keeping women informed. I always thought that if you were menstruating, you could have a baby! Oh how naive! I have an appointment on Tuesday to go over my options. How will I know if my eggs are still viable or if donor is my only option? Is there a test? Sorry if I sound lame, while i am no genius, I am really not that dense, this is just unfamiliar territory. Thanks for reading :)
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I think most of us in the TTC over 40 group thought the same way you did--as long as AF (Aunt Flo) was still visiting us on a regular basis, we could conceive.  Not that easy!  You are lucky that you are only 40--most RE's (Reproductive Endocrinologists) will perform IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) using your own eggs until you are 42.  First the RE needs to make sure that your tubes are not blocked, that your uterus is okay, etc.He or she will also want to make sure that all is well with your partner too.

After making sure that all of your and your partner's parts are working well, the next step will most likely be your RE starting you on Clomid to stimulate egg production and will perform IUI (intra-uterine insemination).  If IUI does not work after a few attempts the next step would most likely be IVF with your own eggs. If that does not work, you can decide if donor eggs are an option for you.  

This might help you navigate this site:

2ww - two week wait (time between conception and performing a pregnancy test)

16dp3dt - sixteen days past three day transfer (the number of days since an embryo transfer has happened--transfers are generally performed on the third or fifth day after conception so you could see ____dp5dt).  Right now I am 3dp3dt (my transfer was on 1/20/11 and my embryo was three days old when they transferred it to me)

BFP - big fat positive

BFN - big fat negative

BCP - birth control pill

Beta - hCG level blood test

DH - dear husband

hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadfotropin

HPT - home pregnancy test

ICSI -Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (process were a sperm is injected into the egg to facilitate fertilization)

LMP - last menstual period

Hope this helps...good luck on your journey

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Welcome to our group!!  First, I'll add a couple others for you...  BD (baby dance -sex), DTD (do the dance - sex), AF (Aunt Flo - period), DPO (days past ovulation - you would be in your TWW - two week wait) TWW, the 14 days after you ovulate.. the time period before you are waiting too find out if all that BD'ing worked and you are PG (pregnant).  HA!  There are so many, I know.  DS - darling son, DD - darling daughter.

Anyway, it may be on my profile page, but I wrote a long time ago about how cheated I felt because as young women it is so pounded into our heads... birth control, birth control... if you even look at it and it doesn't have a condom on... you will get pregnant.  With so many of us waiting (for whatever reason) until we are older, someone... mothers, teachers, doctors, the media... anyone.... should explain how the odds are so slim once you become 40 and every year past 40 becomes even slimmer until the age of about 45, where you can pretty much forget it ever happening.  We are also given the impression that if we wait until we are in our 40's, ahhhhh, we can just go get IVF and bam.... 9 months later a baby will arrive.  We are never informed that if your fsh is above 10 or you are older than 42... most IVF docs won't even touch you!!!  It doesn make me so mad too!!  I had surgery for what was thought to be an ovarian cycst when I was 38 and at the time my OB/GYN KNEW I wanted to be able to have children... after surgery she said to me how good everything looked and that there was no reason I shouldn't be fertile mertyl.  She also should have added that, you are 38 and if you don't conceive this year, you had better freeze some eggs pronto!!  I really think that if she had explained this to me, I would have.

Oh well.  I just want to let you know that fsh of 7.1 is really pretty good!!  But... there truly is not time to waste so I suggest you get to charting and BD'ing immediately.  I have Kaiser too and I know my insurance does not cover for fertility doctors or treatments, but if it did... I would run in tomorrow to start IVF!

I wish you such good luck in your TTC journey!!  You are one of the young ones being only 40, so I would think that you still have a pretty good chance, but get busy!!  I started all this when I was 42.... it seems like an absolute flash... that now I'm 44 and 3 months!!  Probably is too late for me, but not for you!!

So best of luck and huge loads of SSBD (sticky, sticky baby dust)!
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I just wanted to wish you luck! : )  There are many of us "over 40"er's on here to help you along : )  
There are several women on here over 40 who have concieved naturally and are pregnant now, some have used their own eggs w/iui or ivf and it has worked, and some have decided on donor eggs or embryos.  
My hubby and I started the IVF process with donor eggs when I was  almost 42.  I never even tried with my own eggs.... just wanted the quickest easiest way to a child.  Well, after a long journey, an RE that essentially "overcooked" our donor eggs, a m/c, and several surgeries to remove uterine scarring, We have about 2 monhts before we can start with a new donor or donor embroys.  
Whatever route you decide to take, you are in the perfect place for support and knowledge,  You are in the RIGHT place! : )
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Welcome!!  TTC over the age of 40 is not for the feint of heart or those easily devastated by "bad" news.  If nothing else in your life will "toughen you up," ttc over 40 just might!  I don't know if any of us is ever really "ready" for this or certain that we can handle it -- we just have to accept that it's going to be this way.  If disappointment will cause you to lose your happiness in life or your relationships then it's better to go straight to adoption, (IMO, in my opinion)!  Keeping your focus on the true goal -- having a child and being a parent to a child -- will help keep you making the decisions that will bring you that gift, in whatever packaging.  

If this post sounds kind of negative, it's not meant to be -- but it is meant to reflect that this is a major adventure that looks different to everyone.  It's exciting, challenging, and conducive to personal growth, at the very least.  Ultimately, it will clarify how to unite you with the child meant to be with you, and that's pretty darn amazing!!

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Thanks for the welcome! I am sure I will get the hang of the lingo in time, thanks for the cheat sheet :)
I hope that you all get your wishes fulfilled and have the babies you dream of.  I hope I will too!! It just ***** so bad that we women were not informed properly which I partly blame on society. You see all these Hollywood types having pregnancies after 40 and you think huh, I still got time! I saw the late Elizabeth Edwars have two children after 45, the last at  age 50! And not a one of theses ladies come clean about donor eggs or talk to the younger but aging late30- somethings about the danger zone they are about to enter. I even saw a RE at age 37 who never sounded any alarm... Pathetic and bordering on derelict.
Anyhow... Here we are, so here I go :)  On a personal note, My hubby and I have been doing the bd for like 6 nights and I was sure my window closed yesterday but I wvoke him up in middle of night demanding "what if" sex lol. So I guess I'm in the 2ww category now!!

***special good luck wishes to you Itllitig8r for ssbd :D*****
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Good Luck!  I hope you get a BFP at the end of your 2ww!!! : )  We're all rootin' for you!
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I just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck. From what you've said, things still look good for you. I know a FSH of 7 is good. I hope you get your BFP quickly! SSBD (super sticky baby dust)!
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Thanks for the encouragement! It's amazing how quickly we catch on when we really want to!
Was it seriously a only week ago I posted that?? Lol lol lol! Jeez, I feel like I've gone through sooooooo much in such a short span. I am so thankful for this forum and all you nice ladies that have taken time out to answer my questions. You are all inspirational and beautiful women!
You all seem so smart and wise about this journey. I hope to celebrate your victories soon! If anyone needs to talk do not hesitate to contact me. I'm a SAHM so I've got some time on my hands and can respond fairly quickly. :))
Oh, and another crazy thing that happened this month... My TEN year old DD started her period! My baby!! I'm so sad (but she doesn't know that) about it! I told her that we will celebrate by dancing and buying jewelry and sipping mochas lol. Pretty young, don'tcha  
think? :/  
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