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Don't Give Up!
I want to give a note of encouragement to all of you over 40 who are trying to conceive.  Don't give up.  Remember, no doctor can say with authority (unless you've had a hysterectomy) that you cannot give birth.  I made the mistake of waiting over a year to get in to see a highly acclaimed "fertility expert" at a university who turned out to be just another highly credentialed medical buffoon who told me that I was "over the hill" and would never get pregnant.  Five years later I gave birth to my beloved son - the light of my life.  If you suspect one doctor doesn't know his stuff - drop him and find a better one.  Any doc can hang out an "infertility" shingle even if not really qualified in that field.  I know that Dr. Wayne Maxson of Margate, Florida is outstanding in the field of infertility.   Suggestion:  Sometimes older moms need  progesterone suppositories in order to carry their baby to term.  Such suppositories should be started immediately on confirmation of pregnancy and have the positive side effect of increasing intelligence in the baby.  Also, please realize that the amniocentesis you are being pressured to have because of your age will result in miscarriage in 1% of the women who have it (that's 1 in 100 moms losing their pregnancy because of amniocentesis).  I tell you this because the medical people usually do not share that inconvenient fact with moms.  Also, it's best to just skip the early sonogram confirmation of pregnancy:  Has been known to cause loss of pregnancy due to the baby's fragile early state.  At 42, I refused both, early sonography pregnancy confirmation and amnio because I didn't want to risk losing my baby - and my baby is normal and very smart!!  Good luck to all of you!!  May you all become moms soon!
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Hi Honey,

Thank you for your note of encouragement.  Dr Maxson may be a great doctor, but I experienced the clinic he pratices in Margate is terrible.  

They lost my husband's frozen vials. Gave me someone elses Medical paperwork. Mixed up on my start date, and the list goes on...

I am so happy that you were able to get a blessing from that place....

I will keep that in mind about the amniocentesis and the early sonogram. How far along were you before you had one?

I am now with Dr Abae and Dr Rodriquez in Plantation and they are wonderful.

I hope they can help make my miracle come true...


With GOD anything is possible

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