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Thin uterine lining
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Thin uterine lining

Hi everyone,
I am new to this.  I am 43 and DH is 47, we have been TTC for 3 years.  Went through IVF with my eggs produced 19 eggs and produced 11 embryos, tranferred 5 and ended up with a blighted ovum.  Had to have a D&C.
We froze the remaining 6 and went through FET, no pregnancy resulted.  Throughout this process did not have any issues with thin uterine lining.
Decided to use donor eggs and that resulted in 4 embryos.  Uterine lining on day of transfer of two of the 4 embryos was only 6.0 mm.  Ended up with a biochemical pregnancy.
Have been trying to complete FET but have cancelled twice due to uetrine lining being only 5.4 mm.  Now trying a third time and uterine lining is only 4.2 mm.  I am on the max dosage of estrogen, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, takin vitex and a baby aspirin every day, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and of course my prenatal vitamins.  Started acupuncture last week and going for more treatments this week.
Any advice, suggestions etc.. are welcome.
Hi Det43...

Unfortunately, I don't know any remedies for thickening linning, but seems you are doing a lot of helpful things to make it happen. I know acupuncture is good, because I've tried it and so have many others. I hope your next FET goes well.

Feel free to join us on the Roll Call #4 thread, where we encourage one another & keep track of info you provide.

RSSBD to you.

I haven't done IVF but when I got prego with my dd I also had a lining of 6mm.  They gave me prometrium to start a couple days after I ovulated to help thicken it.  It worked that time but now we are on to #2 and seems I also have a thin lining again!!
It does sound like your doing just about everything possible.  I don't know if you already are doing this, but exercising really helps w/blood flow, so maybe you can add (if you don't already) that, I'd say 20-30 min. of a moderate cardio would be good.
This is something that I am doing AGAIN!  It's pretty much the only thing I haven't done really consistantly (nada for 4 months now!) since my DnC, before that, I was 3-5 x's a week, nothing great, just 20-25 min.'s & I fell pg 2x's in 5 months, sadly both times I MC'd, one I think could have been avoided......but thats a WHOLE other story ;o)
Good luck, I hope you can plump up your uterus!!!
Hey you;)  So I was curious about how to plump up our lining after I read our I googled (luv the internet!)  IDK if you've done this already, but there are some GREAT suggestions NATURALLY that seem to work.
If you haven't done so already, I would.   In fact, for any of us, it would be helpful, even if our lining is fine!   Mine hours after O this month (via US) was just over 9mm which IK is fine, but I was a little disappointed about it still.  When I've been monitored doing Gonal-F it was closer to 11 @ O.
So I'm gonna get a bit more strict on less refined sugars (when I conceived last year both times) I was SUPER DUPER healthy..NO refined sugars, & ONLY whole grains, & like 90% + organic + I did cardio like I mentioned earlier.
I'm still eating pretty good, but I can improve!
Our bodies are amazing, & they REALLY want to be healthy, were the ones who mess that up sometimes LOL

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