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What are is maca root powder?
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What are is maca root powder?

Hello every,

Can someone please provide me with information about maca root powder. I was really unfamiliar with this alternative medicine until recently. My husband had some problems with his libido, and his doctor told him to take maca root powder to increase his sex drive.

All information I could find on maca root powder was here:

Now, I'd like to know what are benefits of maca root powder and side effects.

Thank you very much
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Hi I'm probably too late to answer your question, but will anyway, maca  is a vegetable grown in peru, over there its eaten fresh everyday and helps with energy and also has been found to do other amazing things, firstly it nourishes the endochrine system, which the overaies are part of, then it also  balances out your hormones with actually containing any hormones itself, its completely natural and if you  have pcos or cant ovulate on your own can help with this as well, its also as I said extremely good for your overaies, and therefore egg health as well :) If you take the capsuals, start with half the max dose, and work your way up to the max dose, those with thyroid problems should start with one capsual per day and slowly increase, you cant really overdose on it as its a food :) is a great advocate of maca and other natural suppliments as well
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I am 40 years oldand I had 2 miscarriages in a row last year tey figure due to bad quality eggs.
In January of this year I started taking Maca, co q 10, royal jelly.  I took it for a few months. Then we started trying again. I am now 23 weeks pregnant. Besides these supplements, the only other thing we have done different is that I take one baby aspirin a day.
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