high, hard closed cervix
by mich2730, Jul 22, 2010
Hello everyone! This is my first time to join this site. It IS a lonely place to be when you're 43 and ttc for the first time. I just recently got married and have been ttc for 5 months now. My question is, would any one of  you know what a high, closed, hard cervix means? My AF is not due til next week. From what I know and have read from others' posts, my cervix should be soft and open right now or at least soft, and should not be hard til next week. I did one round of Clomid from CD3-7 and had the worst cramps on my left side for about 5 days (til about 3 days ago). Truly appreciate any response!
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by mjmom69, Jul 22, 2010
Hello and welcome. I'm 41 and been TTC for 13 mo. no with 1 miscarriage. It is a long, lonely trip but I hope it will be worth it!
I'm not sure if I'll be any help but do you know if you have ovulated yet for sure? Your cervix goes up and softens during ovulation so maybe you are getting ready to ovulate in a day or 2.
by mich2730, Jul 23, 2010
Thanks for your reply :)  I, too, hope that it will all be worth it in the end.

Anyway, I'm actually on my 2ww and am supposed to have AF on the 30th, a week from now. Today my cervix felt less firm but still kinda up there. I guess, if it goes down within the next few days, my hope will lessen. My BB have been tender since yesterday. I just hope that everything i'm feeling right now isn't just pms :(.

Good luck to both of us. Take care and thanks!
by Sherri90049, Jul 23, 2010
Welcome to the group, Mich! Sending you tons of SSBD during your TWW! Hope AF stays away and you get a BFP soon! I am 42 1/2 TTC my 1st also. Been trying for a little over a year. I have had a few losses, but that was back when my health was pretty bad. I'm doing much better. (got thyroid under control finally) And I just got a super faint positive test this morning. So I'm very hopeful! But with my history, I can't begin to celebrate until I've had two betas, two days apart, to make sure they're doubling like they're supposed to.

You picked a great site to come to. There are alot of wonderful women here that will give you all the advice and support you need! Hang in there! We are all still plenty young enough to be able to still have a baby. (maybe two!) Don't ever listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!

Praying this is the month for you! It will definitely all be worth it in the end! My AF would have been due on 7/31, so we are almost on the same cycle! Keep us posted on you!

:) Sherri
by AliceW, Jul 24, 2010
Hi, I'll add my voice to the welcome committee! I'm glad you've joined us--it helps to be in the same boat with some encouraging folks. I wander away every now and then, but I always come back to the forum :)

I was wondering the same thing, and did some googling around about cervix position and texture during early pregnancy, and mostly came up with "high and soft can be a sign, but there's way too much variation from person to person." I'm still not sure how Clomid might affect the cervix, or whether it's the progesterone or the estrogen (or the hCG?) that changes the cervix texture in pregnancy. Mine is medium and super super soft, which I'm blaming on the progesterone supplements until further evidence :P

Glad to be sharing a cycle with everyone (really glad to be able to talk about things like cervix position :D ), and sending lots of prayers and baby dust to all...
by mich2730, Jul 25, 2010
Thanks a lot, Sherri and Alice!!! I'm so happy I found this site! Just knowing that there are a bunch of us longing for the same thing is a GREAT comfort. I really feel the love and support every one has for each other here. I am also happy to know that we're kinda 2ww "buddies".

Actually, at the time you posted , Sherri, my cervix was already kinda slightly softer and still kinda up there. Then yesterday, it was soft. Today, it's reeally soft, still moderatly high and closed. I'm not on progesterone, Alice, so I'm keeping my fingers, eyes (and other appendages too :D) crossed that this is it. I've tried to read everything I could find about cervical position. Curiously, my cervix has never really been soft before my period except now. Incidentally, my birthday is on the 30th, which is when I'm supposed to have my AF. It would really be the nicest birthday present I'll ever have in my entire life if I get a positive hpt :)

Will add both of you to my prayers as well. Take care and here's a shower of baby dust to both of you!

by mi_amorcito, Jul 25, 2010
Welcome ! Just wanted to day hi . You have camed to a good place. I have been ttc for 5 months. I just had a TR in Dec. I just had my first month of clomid now just waiting. Sending you lots of SSBD
by mich2730, Jul 26, 2010
Hi there, and thanks for welcoming me. We're kinda on the same boat--- ttc x 5months and first month of clomid done. AF is scheduled to come on friday, but I hope it doesn't :) since my cervix is still soft and has been for 4 days now, and closed. Usually it's low and hard around this time before my period. Will include you in my prayers too. Lots of love and SSBD to you too :)