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Isolating myself with regret and confusion

I have felt that I have been going into depression for the past one month.

It all started when I had a problem with a very close guy friend of mine who became obssessive and started stalking me. I had to take legal action and I went through a lot of pain just moving away from him. I am filled with a lot of regret today,I don't miss him but I am not able to forget him. All the memories hurt. I am scared of him in fact and many guys in general,I have stopped talking to people and isolating myself,fear is the basic reason but I am sick of being the way I am.

I have stopped texting people,I changed my number just to get away from him,I am having so many issues with friends,I am just turning into something I am not.
The smallest rejection hurts me,words,thoughts,everything paralyses me at times.

I have asked help and recieved it from family and friends but i don't think they are able to help me anymore. I feel I am a burden to them at times. I don't know what to think.

There are many problems at home and it is affecting me all in all. The worst part is,I am a college student and my studies are going down hill.

Please help me. I don't what to do,I don't think I can be strong anymore.

Thanks for reading my post

(age 18)
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