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What to do as a high school dropout
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What to do as a high school dropout

I am 16 years old, and I am a High School Dropout. I will list some basic information about myself:
1. Went to a Prep Boarding school called The Hill School (Top 10 rigorous school in the nation)
2. GPA before dropping out was 3.4 as a Sophomore (Dropped out in the beginning of Junior)
3. Born in South Korea, but has American Passport
4. Have severe genetic Anxiety and Depression
5. Took Prozac, found it to be ineffective so stopped after 4 months.
6. Had 2 counselors, found it to be ineffective after working with them for 3 years.
7. Parents are millionaires/upper class earning on average of $300,000 a year as a Real Estate land owners.
8. Have 2 good friends, but no other friends.
9. Have low blood pressure, dehydration, and anemic (Have difficult time walking for more than 10 minutes)
10. Enjoys playing online games with people I have met online (Pretty good "online" friends, but have never met them in real life)
11. Passionately loves/wants to be isolated and does not want to come out of my room.
12. HUGE liar (All the things listed above may all be lies, but I cannot control my lies and sometimes I am not sure if they are lies or truths)
13. Have absolutely no passion/interest in life (Other than being alone and gaming)
14. Have absolutely no talent (I do not want to argue with this point, please assume that this is the ultimate truth)

There are probably dozens more that I can say about myself, but I think this is enough for now.
Basically, I am going through a tough time in my life, and I do not know what to do. Ultimately, however, all my problems that I am going through boils down to two things: Puberty and Laziness.
My older sister has gone through similar experience as I did, and she is doing completely fine right now in college, finding passion, falling in love, making tons of connections. Puberty and Adolescence is definitely a major factor for my Depression.
I am extremely lazy. At times, I am too lazy to even play games. Whatever I do, boredom consumes me and I give up no matter what I do.

I want to receive some help or advice on what I can do in my life from now on. Here are some of the decisions that I have made, and they will not be reconsidered or changed.
1. Meeting with a psychiatrist
2. Waiting for a passion (It will never come. Rotting in my room for the next x years is not gonna make my passion come to me)
3. Return to high school.

Feel free to ask any questions, and any words directed towards me are welcome.
How are you? Almost everybody goes through the same phase of puberty ( and laziness). It is good that you have decided to meet a psychiatrist and return to high school. Of course, waiting for passion to come will eventually come also. Aside from your 2 close friends, you can also talk to your parents  and to other members of our group about anything you want to say. Talk to your teachers also in school especially if going back to school is part of the plan. What were your reasons when you dropped out if school? It may help to air it out. Eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, doing what you love, and participating in regular exercise and stress-management activities are highly recommended. Take care always and hope to hear from you soon.
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