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Bloated and sick after first meal of the day
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Bloated and sick after first meal of the day


Not matter what time I eat or what I eat as long as it's the first meal I feel pressure in my stomach and on the urge of puking.

One morning tried an apple and water and about 30min later felt sick

Tried juiced veggies another morning and eggs and also felt sick for about 3-4hrs

Once I'm not feeling horrible, I can eat plenty the rest of the day with no problems. I've even incorporated organic veggies to my everyday diet and eat pretty healthy.

Today I ate eggs/mushroom/cheese with fried onion wrapped in a tortilla and same thing, feeling on verge of puking for hours and while laying I did feel like acid coming up. I do see a naturopath as well but I don't understand what is going on its really affecting my life
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The symptoms could be exacerbation of the GERD or gastric reflux.  It could also be hiatal hernia. Treatment is a combination of drugs to reduce the acid and lifestyle changes. You will need to take a combination of medications (under medical supervision) like a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning and an antacid gel after meals for complete relief. Possibility of H pylori infection too should be looked into by a carbon urea breath test and a combination antibiotic tried. Many a times a persisting H pylori infection can be the cause behind acidity not responding to treatment.
Life style changes that will help include: Drink cold milk. Avoid heavy meals and eat frequent small meals. Avoid too much of caffeine, tea, smoking, fried food and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic fuzzy ones. Avoid heavy exercises within 4 hours of a heavy meal. Raise the head end of the bed by pillows to 30 degrees. Avoid lying down for least 2 hours after food. Take a late night snack. Maybe these tips will help you.
If these tips do not help, then liver function test, pancreatic enzymes, and HIDA scan for gall bladder should be done. Food intolerance and inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s, celiac etc should be considered. Log in what you eat and see if there is a correlation between a certain food type and the symptoms.
You should consult a gastroenterologist (a specialist who looks after the diseases of our digestive system) or a physician for this. Take care!
I'll try to get specifics with my issues as possible to hopefully get a diagnosis... I looked up many GI track issues and none seem to fit my issue.

I've been experimenting with foods in the morning to see if anything triggers it differently but it seems odd I can eat ANYTHING i want after the first meal without any issues.

This week I've noticed that cheese seems to worsen my issues more than others.

My question is why the first meal of the day causes these issues but every other meal I can eat whatever I want and feel fine?
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