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Unexplained symtpoms for so long now?
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Unexplained symtpoms for so long now?

Im a 17 year old female, 5'3, 93 pounds. I smoke between 10 - 20 cigaretts a day, dont drink alchahol or take any kind of drugs at all.

Almost 2 years ago i i started getting breathing problems a week after having my tonsils removed. I kept going to the doctor about it and they just said it would go away and it would be fine.
...Eveerything just seemed to get worse from then on and experience so many horrible symtoms (symptoms) every day and no doctors seem to know what it is, ill put up a list of symptoms.

Headakes all day every day
Dizziness all day every day  (not vertigo no 'spinning' sensation)
Numbness & tingling in arms, legs, fingers + face.
Very bad chest pains every day now..sometimes sharp other times, akey, dull, heavy & crushing feeling.
Fast pulse even when im just sitting still doing nothing.
Feeling out of breath all the time even when im doing nothing.
Back and shoulder pain (only started recently and normally with the chest pains)
Eyes feel out of focus quite often and ake alot.
Feeling of a lump stuck in my throat which feels like it stops me from swallowing/breathing very easily.
Hot flushes
(All symtoms (symptoms) seem to feel worse in hot weather)

Ive seen a neruologist who did a brain MRI and told me the results where 'essentially normal' then just suggested acupuncture, A cardiologist who did an echocardiogram (i never recieved any results) and a 7 day ecg montior which showed my palpitaions and said hed run more tests if i stopped smoking.
My gp is sending me to a breathing clinic next month to test my lungs.
Most doctors i see assume this is anxiety and in my head but its not i feel it EVERY day and its so distressing im scared and in pain all the time.

...I just really need some help.
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First off stop smoking! It's a horrible habit and you can get really sick from smoking. My grandma is dying of lung cancer because of smoking. You need to have your lungs check out, I'm suprised they didn't already. Have they checked your throat to make sure its not throat cancer? My grandma had that same lump feeling in her throat and it ended up being throat cancer. I'm not saying you have cancer, but please get all these things checked out. You are so young and have your whole life ahead of you.
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You definitely should quit smoking. Nicotine is an "upper," which makes your heart rate increase and such.
Also, you're underweight. [I'm not just saying that, you can look it up on a BMI calculator.] That can cause many of the health problems you just described. You should speak with a doctor about finding a healthy way to put on some weight, because it's unhealthy to be 93 pounds at 5'4" at the age of 17.
Many doctors don't catch on to the symptoms caused by being underweight.
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