hot flashes in teenager
by eugiewan, Nov 28, 2010
My 13 yo daughter is experiencing hot flashes, feeling faint
to the point of almost blacking out. It is happening once
a day now for almost a week and seems to be getting worse.
Any ideas what is causing this?
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by grendslori, Nov 29, 2010
It could be hormones at her age. Have her seen by her pediatrician and let him evaluate her. There could be a number of things going on.
by alwaysburning, Sep 16, 2011
I am 23, here's my story. Its very embarassing to talk to anyone about this. i feel for you ladies. I cant even seem to get myself to go out on dates because im nervous just thinking im gona have a hot flash. when that happens i run off to the bathroom in a hurry and put my hands under cold running water. It started when i was about 20. I would only notice it when i got reallllllllyyy angry ( was in a dispute.) but now it has escaladed to an everyday thing. In class when we have to speak up i get red. There is a pattern ive noticed.. Here it is please guys i need feed back.. if we work at this together i know we can find answers.. as i already have.
1) Alcohol triggers it 100%!! especiallllllyyy wine. I stopped drinking about two years ago. It ***** being so young and not being able to enjoy myself.
2) Cofffee.
3) Spicy foods
4) when i take hot baths or showers i get reaaaalllyy red like a lobster especially my chest.
You can often see me fanning myself.. just today i was in class and everyone was complainin g how they were cold and were dressed in sweaters.. me.. well i was " is it hot in here?" ppl looked at me like  i was insane.

So yeah for food and drinks those were the top things^^^^^

As for emotional this is when i notice it:
1) feeling of being put on the spot, ( its wierd because i am very confident. i have a very loud upbeat, talking personality. so this " hot flashing/embarassment feeling does not fo hand in hand.. it confuses me.
2) Anger, Jealousy, you guys are going to laugh but when i talk on the phone with my ex ( recent) i always broke out in this redness on my chest and even neck. I noticed it when id go to a mirror.
3) Even when people compliment me ( ex: hey there you got some nice style girl" I turn beet red!.. but why.. i do not undestand.
I am not cocky guys buy i am confident. It hassssss to be something bigger. what is it ?

OKAY SO i rambled here a bit now for treatments.. heres what helps.. hellllpsss but not prevents notice the difference! its diminished the amount of time i get them.. used to be every hour or so. nowto maybe 2 times a day.. still alot! Betablockers.. Metraprolol. Im on them. i take 1 a day around noon. It decreases your heart beat and makes you more calm.
2) another good one is i set the A/C on nice and cool.. around 70.
3) Fan
4) drink alot of cool water
5) run the inside of my wrists under cold water.

Anyways about me as a person:
I am very healthy, i eat an amazingly clean diet. I mainly eat fruits and veggies. For meat i only eat chicken and seafood. and im dairy and gluten free ( by choice not because im a Celiac or Lactose intolarant.
I also suffer a little bit of Melia ( its these tiny little pimple like bumps.) but not acne. i get them lasered off by my derm every couple of months. tell me if any of you have these on your face. because maybe there is a link here! i can ramble on for ever..hahaha