how to tell if a guy is turned on?
by boohoowhee, Jun 05, 2008
I kinda wanna know how a guy is turned on. hahaha thanks:D
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by HyperGurl15, Jun 05, 2008
Well hello!
You devo no if a boy is turned on!

these signs will happen

1. He would have a hard on and that is his penis gettin big!

2. He be sweaatin
3. So many boys so many time he woud tell u if u was turning u on xx

Hope this helps hunxxx
by boohoowhee, Jun 05, 2008
hello:D I dont quite understand that..
first off, what is 'devo'?

And whats a 'hard on'?
hahaha i feel so terrible in this.
thanks for replying by the way.!
by Reflecks, Jun 05, 2008
She means defo, slang for definately. Hard on is just slang for an erection.
by HyperGurl15, Jun 06, 2008
Dont worry hun!
I was in this situation when i was young!
But im still young only 15 and devo is for defintely and hard on is erection is where u can see his penis being big dont worry if u have any probz write bak
by boohoowhee, Jun 06, 2008
hahaha you're 15.? oh dear.! then i should be ashamed cause im 17.! hahahaha.

Anyway, I wanted to know cause I'm not quite sure. When I was frenching him, we were standing up see, and my leg was brushing against his 'ahem' because we moved ( I didnt do it deliberately.! ) and later, he slowly moved himself away and I was wondering whats wrong. I looked at the bottom ( oops ) and it was kinda erect, like its up.. And later, I realised he's sweating even though its not really hot in my place so I asked whats wrong but he said nothing. Thats why I kinda wanna know whats wrong sigh. Also, I realised I kinda get aroused easily so at first I thought I was a freak or something cause I feel like I'm overly sexually active): At first I had a lot of problems coping with it because I kept getting aroused, wetting my undies ( doh ), yet I didn't tell my boyfriend cause I was afraid he might think I'm.. horny): so for a really long time I was trying to hard to cope with it, but now I kinda feel normal, if he's erecting, cause it means that I'm not the only HIGH one:D:D
by boohoowhee, Jun 06, 2008
Oh and, we were frenching with OUR CLOTHES ON. So, I don't know if his AHEM became bigger or not.. I'm only looking through his pants and undies haha..
by Nikki_Ann, Jun 08, 2008
lol, too much information.. lol just kidding!! since ur 15, your probably going to get turned on a little easy because its something new to you. usually guys get turned on very easy!!! lol, just kissing will do the job! so if you wana know how guys get turned on, just do anything, seriously like licking his face mite do it too lOl ... no im kidding again... but u get the point hopefully ..
by boohoowhee, Jun 08, 2008
oh ahahaha im 17(: hahaha i didnt know that guys get turned on easily.! hahaha yes i get the point now, anything i do will turn him on easy ahahaha. thank you:D
by Reflecks, Jun 08, 2008
Differs from guy to guy and girl to girl...I've been with girls that get, well, messy just from being in my company (Not bragging, the girl was just base and driven by sex, which obviously isn't something for me to brag about - being used) and i've had ones that are very indecisive and don't get wet easily.

Likewise, some guys can get erections from very little, and others take a lot. It does scale with age. When in their teens, most guys get random erections for a while..