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still get a spanking,Am I too old for a spanking?
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still get a spanking,Am I too old for a spanking?

i am a boy from  16.Two days ago i received an over the knee spanking from my mom.I stilll get occasionly a spanking.
i deserved a punishment.My behaviour is bad the last time.It id maybe stupid but I accept the spankings.
I feel much better after it.Les quilty.The spanking itself was awful.But again.I am a now 16.I feel a bit a shamed that i still get it.i feel like i am the only one of this age who get a spanking.So i want to know if theer other boys of my age who still get it.is it okay do you think,that I feel less quilty after the punishmment.Amd I feel a better.My behavoiour nedede tot be corrected.But I don;t knoe any othert boy who also get that punishmnent.My folks are very strict.i love them.My mom gave me an over the spanking on my briefs.
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thanks for your /feedback

Did I misunderstood you?you wrote to me that my spankingdays are brhind me because i am 16??
I think i understood it well.that mom and dad can continue punish me with a span king??I was a couple a days ago littlle upset,because of my age.And that none of my friends(??)or claasmates of my age get it.
So It i understood you well,Mom and dad may continue with giving me a spamking,because I feel better after a soanking?and less quilty .You are right,i ""agree"" with it because I know that my benaviour needed to be corrected.(after sverl warnings.)
I received the spanking over mom's knee(embarrassed).She gave it with the hand.I think about 15 spanks.I get a lecture before the spanking.She lowered my jeans,and i got the spanking on my briefs it took 20 minutes.so before i was put over her knee.i ws told why i was getiing a  punishment and also"":ÿou are getting a spanking for........"".I am always  a bit scared,before the spanking stars,.it ended almost in teers.No marks or so Just a sore bottom.i can live with that.thats a part of the punishment.No problem with that..
I agree/accept a spanking because as I said I feel better,less guilty opposite  my folks.,and i know what i have done(my nisbehaviour)
i cry during and after rthe spanking,but my folks never let marks on my backside.i am gettin the spankings on my room.(mom and i,or dad and I).
mom beat me hard.i received it because of my behaviour(lying,coming home much too late,drinking and smoking)I hope that I understood uou well.because i am going talk with mom ar dad
I am a boy from 16,but it sounds crazy.for me it (still)works,is that sick.i don:y knoe.mom and dad are loverly.But sometimes I neede a good lesson.
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