Bleeding a week after sex?
by Laura1994, Nov 07, 2011
I'm seventeen years old. The first day of my period was about five or six days before I lost my virginity (it properly finished the day before.) We had sex twice and used a condom but I think it rolled off a bit when he was pullin out, but anyway... we had sex twice. I was bleeding at the time because it was my first time, but this was just a little bit and stopped that night. Then five or six days later I started bleeding again - I put my hand down and it seemed more pink and slimy than usual, and that night there was lots of brown blood in my knickers. Since then and for the next four or so days I've had brown spotting, I've been wearing panty-liners and it's not too much but everytime I go to the toilet and wipe there's some brown slime. I've been on my period since I was 12/13 and I don't really keep track of it but I've never had it one week apart and it's not the same as my period normally is. Can anyone explain this to me and help ease my mind - sorry if it's hard to read this big block of text. If you have any questions to ask me if you need more info please send me a message! I don't know if I'm pregnant or anything, but I really want to know what's going on. After the initial bleeding right after sex I was fine for about five or six days - then I had quite a lot of brown stuff, and now it's just kind of spotting every day... Thank you so much if you can help me! Please message me if you need any more info!
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by Clysta, Nov 07, 2011
Brown discharge is just old blood your body is expelling. It is likely due to you having sex for the first time. It's very common in young women to experience after becoming sexually active. I wouldn't worry to much, it sounds fine.

Kudos to you for using protection!! :) Make sure every time you have sex you use a condom before he has any penetration and till after he/you is done. If you decide to have sex again, get a new condom and again use it from start to finish.
by Laura1994, Nov 08, 2011
Why would having sex cause this to happen though? It's been going on for almost a week now, just a small amount every day. Also, why did it take a week for it to start? Thank you!
by Clysta, Nov 08, 2011
It takes time for it to be expelled from your body, and sex causes it to happen because the penis rubs the insides of the vaginal walls as well as the uterus and this rubbing looses things up and as a result the blood is expelled. Bright red blood indicates it is fresh and is lower, dark red blood means it's from higher in the body and brown blood is older blood that is left over.

This should not occur every time you have sex, likely just the first time or the first few times.
by Laura1994, Nov 13, 2011
Thank you for being so helpful! I just have one more question. I've had this brown discharge every day now for fourteen days - is it normal to last this long? It was heavier on the second, tenth and eleventh day. I just feel that it's been going on for a really long time (two weeks). If this is normal, why does it go on for sooo long?
by Clysta, Nov 13, 2011
14 weeks is a long time to have had this, even if this was your first time being sexually active. Is it just tiny amounts, or is it constantly present and in larger amounts?
by Laura1994, Nov 14, 2011
It's quite hard to say, because I don't know what's a little bit and what's a lot. On the second day of having it, quite a lot came out at once - i actually just had to throw out my underwear! I'm wearing panty liners everyday, some days there is a very little bit and some days there is about as much as the last day of a period, except brown and slimier, and sometimes if I put my hand down there and look at it I see it's a thin brown slime with little dark brown lumps in it. But it has been every day, I'd say almost always less than teaspoonful, although on some days almost a teaspoonful. I know that's very vague, but it's hard to tell, really. Again, thanks so much for being so helpful! I really have no one else to turn to :)
by sweets561, Aug 17, 2012
I had sex last week n pulled out before he came bt that next week ihad lght bleeding culd i be pregnant ?
by mommyofhayden_, Aug 17, 2012
Yes, anytime you have unprotected sex you can become pregnant. If you miss your next period you should take a test.
by FearAndAnxiety, Sep 13, 2012
I know it's a year later, but I was just wondering if you got your question answered since then? Like, was everything okay afterwards with you? Did it go back to normal? Because I'm having a similar problem right now too. Thank you!