Jaw pain on first bite!
by Kutteruk, Jul 01, 2011

I have searched the internet for any other post with a symptom similar to mine but can find nothing at all, so I am here to ask for help.

I suffer from a sharp 'cramp like' pain that kind of fades in and out just as quickly when I take my first bite of food, be it morning afternoon evening etc. This can happen several times a day.

The pain is pretty severe, yet only lasts a few seconds and extends from under my ear down across the front of my jaw and up the other side symetrically.

This ONLY happens on the first bite of food (when I havn't been eating for a while). It feels like my jaw has a reaction to food being put into it initially but then is completely free of pain for the rest of the time i'm eating.

Wait a few hours... Next FIRST bite, same pain few seconds gone...

Anyone have any clue what on earth that may be?

Thanks in advance,

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by happykitty, Aug 26, 2011
I'm having the same problem but when i shift my jaw or even open my mouth wide to eat it very painful, sharp and sore I can't really enjoy my foods anymore have to open my mouth very carfully and can't open very wide either :(  only small little bites.

But i think it could be TMJ ? (Temporomandibular joint disorder ) Or signs of it. Hopfully you go see a Pysiotherapist and get it looked at..

My husband had it before and doing physio therapy and accupunture seemed to help him.

Best of Luck!
by raydog75, Apr 27, 2012
I have had what you are describing my entire life. My mom also has it...so I think it may be hereditary. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out why this happens. The pain is fleeting...it doesn't continue with each bite...only the very first bite after a long period of not eating in between. I think it may have something to do with salivary glands...man does it hurt bad to bite down that first time!
by Sheila924, Feb 26, 2013
Try searching for Sjrogen's Syndrome.
by Margaretdmd, Mar 04, 2013
I am a dentist and limit my practice to Orofacial Pain Management.  What you probably have is something generally called First Bite Syndrome.  It is considered a neuropathic pain disorder and treated with medicnes that control nerve pain.
by Sunseeker77, Sep 26, 2014
I have this too, intense pain on the first bite of food.  I also, all my life that I know of, grind my teeth at night when stressed, and the muscles around jaw get really tense and in some cases I have even had trouble opening my mouth to bite an apple.

Right now we are moving and changing careers, so my stress is higher even though I have been doing my natural stress relievers, of walking every day, taking some quiet time every day to read etc., so I think I may be grinding my teeth/clenching/tensing, more than usual, and the first bite this morning for breakfast really hurt!  

In the past, I have massaged my jaw muscles, gently, or pressed firmly on a particular sore spot on the jaw for 10 seconds, then released, and that would take away much of the tenseness so I could open my mouth again properly for eating apples etc.

What I am going to try, is doing this massage, and press and release technique, again, and see if my first bite for breakie tomorrow can be actually enjoyable, like it should!  

Synthetic medicines for this? No thank you! There has got to be a natural treatment for this... not medicines that will then in turn hurt my liver and other internal organs, plus side effects, plus cost.... etc. etc. etc....