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im 20 years old. over the past 2-3 years ive had some testicular discomfort but not really pain. i noticed last year that my left testicle was much smaller than my right. my right isnt huge my left is just clearly smaller. i went to the doctor had an ultrasound and the result came in. NO intratesticular mass. 0.3 cm left epididymal cyst. multiple right epididymal cyst, spermatocele not excluded and small right hydrocele.. so the doctor said everything i have i can be fine with like i dont need any surgery or anything so i just moved on but i still always feel kinda paranoid. should i go back to a urologist??
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Congratulations on a clear ultrasound that's really great news.   Scrotal ultrasounds are pretty reliable but I do understand your concern as far as the findings.  For peace of mind you could always take your ultrasound films to another urologist just to be sure and ask about the size difference also.  Make sure you do monthly testicular self exams and check for lumps that are directly connected to the testicle.
All the best.

These are the symptoms of testicular cancer.

    * A lump or mass in either testicle
    * One or both testicles feeling harder or firmer than usual    
    * Swelling or any enlargement of a testicle
    * A collection of fluid in the scrotum
    * A dull ache in the groin, lower abdomen, or back
    * A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum
    * Pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum
    * Tenderness or enlargement of the breasts
well with all the findings do you think i have anything to worry about?
do i need to get rid of the cysts and hydrocele? i appreciate the reply btw
Hydroceles and cysts can be bothersome but there both benign conditions.  If you haven't already googled them you should  just to know exactly what they are.  Both can get large and need to be removed surgically or need to be drained but again you may never have to worry about that.  If this really worries you like I said  get a second opinion and ask lots of questions its well worth it to be sure and to be able to relax.  And yes you should see a urologist if you didn't the first time.  
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