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Always in pain
Hey all. I`m new here. I was crushed in a semi truck in 1985. Spent 21 years on workers comp perm. disability until they stopped paying the bills. I settled and invested for my future 2 months before the market crashed. I lost almost everything.
So, I had multiple injuries including being crushed, punctured heart,lung,spleen,kidney,etc. Blew out most of my back too. I have a fused neck and low back and right hip was replaced. I have been through every kind of program there is from pain management to work hardening. I`ve been on just about every pain medication there is. 7 years ago a doctor put me on methadone just so I can get out of my wheelchair and walk. Methadone has worked wonders and I`ve only been on 40mg per day maximum. Well, that doctor dropped me because I don`t have insurance so he can`t make a bunch of money off me anymore. The next doctor I got is running a pill mill and almost caused me to overdose, so I left him. I should have found another doctor because now I can`t find a doctor to except me without having to come up with at least $450.00 up front. So here I sit, addicted to methadone and nowhere to get more when I run out and no doctor will see me. I have never abused my medication or drugs in the 27 years I`ve been on them. Because I didn`t abuse my meds, I was able to save up about 2 months worth of backup meds. I will be all the way out in 2 weeks. I found this site and today is the first day of cutting down slowly getting ready for the terrable detox. Doctors, at least the ones I`ve seen, never said anything about how hard it would beto withdrawl off the pain meds and that most doctors won`t even write scripts for pain meds if your doctor changes.
  After 27 years of being on the patient side of the medical field and dealing with cronic pain for over half of my life, I have come to a few conclusions that I will share with you.
To start off with everybody needs to know that doctors aren`t doctors to help people have a quality of life. They are doctors because of the money and are controled by Big Pharma. I`ve been to over 60 doctors and they all were interested in the biginning as long as there was money to be made. When the money train slowed down, they did too and even left. I`ll never trust a doctor ever again and will stay away from the medical industry for good now. So now because of our corrupt and uncompassionate healthcare system, I am being FORCED to go through withdrawls from the worst pain drug on the market without a doctor. I am being FORCED to go back to being in the worst pain anybody can think of. I won`t be able to work and because I became disabled at such a young age,I can`t get Social Security Disability and SSI said they will give me $200 a month if I sell everything I have until I have no more than $3200 in total assets. Welfare won`t help because I don`t have little kids at home. The Free Clinic won`t help because of all the pain med abuse happening, even though I have PROOF I`m not a pill head. I have spent the past 2 months BEGGING for help and everybody has turned me down. I even called the mental health clinic when I was about to end my life and they set me up with an appointment 43 days away. I have come to the conclusion that nobody in the medical field really cares about anything except the money. They really don`t care if you live or die let alone have any quality of life.  Methadone withdrawls last 6 months!! After that I`ll be back in a wheelchair and in severe pain with no money and no place to go for help. All I can do at this point is hope and pray that what I`ve heard about December 2012 come true.
  In conclusion, I have this to say. If you aren`t on narcotic pain medication, don`t start. Find something natural to help with the pain because you don`t know what reall pain is until you have been left to deal with withdrawls alone. If you have insurance, us it up and get whatever is wrong fixed while you can becaue things will only get worse if you don`t. It IS worth it and getting you back, neck, knee, shoulder, whatever fixed will cause less pain than you feel now.  And do your research before you let a doctor do anything. Always remember that doctors are into it for the money and not because they want you to have a quality life. The sicker people are,the more money they make.
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