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Article in NYT TIMES
This article explains how and why people become suicidal with the drugs the doctors give them non stop. This is my reply to the NEW YORK TIMES about this issue....

I have a history of DJD/DDD and all I ever get is pain medication. Most doctors just feel sorry for me and hit the prescription pad. I was on all the drugs with little effect including Fentanyl patch 50mcg. When I realized my weight went down to 108lbs from 145lbs, I quite cold turkey. Went to see a new pain-management doctor (when the staff keep rotating) and she told me I could not get any more steroid shots till December (one month away) because she said I had my quota for the year and she prescribed morphine with a back up pain relief. One month later I had two procedures done and she still refilled the morphine (which is in my closet). That will be the last time I see her. There are other procedures out there that doctors can do to help the patient with pain and I plan on finding that doctor. I have been to them all and all they do is pull out the prescription pad for another drug. I am tired of being doped up all my life. This is not a quality of life but a means to an end and so easily IF I WANTED!  Stop doping me up and learn to do you jobs! Pills don't work on the pain, only the minds perception to pain and certainly not on the nerves affected. Read up on what the drugs do. Educate yourself and maybe you can educate a doctor who will listen?
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