May the Great Spirit Bless you
with the knowledge of your inner
strength and wisdom.

May you have the strength of eagles’ wings,

The faith and courage to fly to new heights,

And the wisdom of the universe
to carry you there.

We can only be what we give
ourselves the power to be.

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Here is something I received from a friend of mine to ponder.

Don't let Love slip thru your fingers,
like sand ---or like the time.

Go on with your life, where it takes you,
what is hidden is soon revealed.

The world will turn without you pushing,
Don't let your self get in the way...
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Here is something I wrote many years ago. I was going through a very rough time in my life and it helped me to focus...

Here I stand besides the road of life
that slowly passes me,
I ponder on what it is in life I seek,
I seek for freedom,
I seek for self,
I seek for the hand that will not refuse me help.
I have known reject,
I have known pain,
I now ponder on the strength,
to stand up on my own again.
My future...
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I apologize, I left out the beginning of the poem and it goes on the first line.
It reads...

The answer came to me this morning,
while i was looking for a sign

I appreciate my friends incite.
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I really enjoy your prayer and the great spirit mentioned in the first line can be any great spirit who is greater then us.  

When i first went into treatment and recovery the group i was in said that if we didn't have any religious beliefs we could make our coffee cup our great spirit because at the point i was at when i came in to the group, my coffee cup knew and cared more about myself then i ever did up to that point.....and they were right......

Anyway i always get carried away here with my free verse and just wanted to thank you

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You are always a good observer and receptive where reception is optional.
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Hello Dalubaba,

The prayer you have recently posted is so beautifully and thoughtfully
written. I was so moved by this prayer, I wrote it down so I have my
own copy of the prayer. Who is the author of this prayer, Dalubaba ?
I like the whole prayer. There is so much wisdom and insight in this
prayer. I especially like the last line of this prayer. " We can only be
what we give ourselves the power to be." Yes, this is true. What is
also true is that some things in life we can control. Some things in
life we cannot control. One thing we can control to some extent
is how we perceive things and whether we're trying to have a  positive
view of life. Eve :)
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