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Chronic Back Pain
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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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Chronic Back Pain

I have been suffering with Chronic Back Pain for the past 10yrs. I have 3pinched nerves in my spine, my doctor had referred me to a Surgeon however it fell through. My Physician has me on Oxycotin20mg and Percocet which I am told are long term. I am terrified to have back surgery after seeing what my husband has gone through. I'm at a point where I can't do my housework, fold laundry etc. Vaccuuming is out of the question, I have someone come in and do my housework, and my sons' girlfriend folds' my laundry. Is Oxycotin and Percocet a good drug for pain? I am finding lately that they really aren't working only to a short degree. Can anyone suggest something. I can't take NSAIDS as I'm allergic to aspirins. I feel useless. I have a 10mth old grandaughter that I can't even pick up, it brings tears to my eyes. Anyone answer pls.
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Hello Marly and welcome to the Couch.

I'm sorry to hear of the back pain. I have been there and feel for you. I found that when I was on the Oxycontin and Oxycodone, it wasn't as effective after using it for a few years. I was then switched to the Fentanyl Patch and Oxycodone which for me was a god send at the time.

I am now at the point where it helps the pain but makes me so tired that it's hard to function. I am considering the Pump as my last resort.

I feel that the Fentanyl Patch might be an option for you if you're considered a long term pain patient. You should consult your Physician and discuss the option.

Please keep us up to date on your condition. I will be curious to learn if you've actually talked to your Doctor about the possibility. I might add that Fentanyl is 80x stronger than Morphine.

My best,
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Hi Marly,

Boy I hear you. Although I do not have a major spinal issues I have severe SIJ (sacroiliac joint) Dysfunction, which has finally made me disabled...or I finally accepted that I am disabled..

I cannot do all the things you list without aggravating my pain to a great degree. You are actually on fairly effective opiate pain management medications. In my opinion two things may have happened. Your condition may have deteriorate and you are requiring a higher dose or it may be possible that you have developed some tolerance to your current medications. Actually it could be a bit of both.

As Molly suggested some ppl find Fentanyl to be an effective pain managment medication. It is at the top of the scale so if their are other less potent ones that are effective for you I might consider them first.  

It's no fun to have to stand on the sidelines or not be able to hug those grandchildren. I sincerely hope that you are able to find a workable solution for pain better control.

Take Care,
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My husband has a lot of pain,MS,disc problems and other disabilities.
Docs in N.Y. afraid of pain meds because of strict laws, so he continues to suffer.
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I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm unable to function and I'm stuck either in bed or on the couch all day long.  I leave the housework and I do the bare minimum.  I've had surgery and I'm going to have another fusion.  However, my problems are in the neck and not back.  I take the oxycontin and percocet and I really never have had good pain control.  I use a lot of ice packs too.
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