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Doctor refused to refill long term meds
I have been seeing a pain management doctor for 7 years in south Florida for a very serious illness.
When going to my appt today, I was informed my doctor was on permanent medical leave and that the practice was purchased by another group.
I ha e been on various pain meds for 5 years. The new doctor on staff refused to refill my standard script, giving the reason that the new group "mantra" is not to prescribe pain meds.
The office was purchased 1 month ago. They did not notify us of the takeover or the change in overall practice.
They offered no contingency plan. The doctor would not even write a script for a weeks worth of meds, giving me time to research and find a new dr.
It turned into a huge argument, because I was being refused care. By taking that stance they are going against their oath to cause no harm to a patient. They put me in imminent danger of going into severe withdrawal.
I called the owners and they informed me that it was MY doctors responsibility to treat me and that they had NO obligation to treat me.

Doesn't this break every ethical medical code.
They wouldn't write my script
They provided no contingency
They stated they have no obligation to treat me and if anyone was to blame it was my original doctor, who is hospitalized
How can a doctor leave a long term patient "cold turkey"
Have zero meds left and will
Most likely end up in the hospital this weekend

Do I have any recourse?
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