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Family Members Seeking Help
There are 9 of us children all raised in the same house, most of us all only a year
older then the next.  It was a zoo, a zoo without cages or keepers in our house,
and the other day I had 2 sisters ask me what I would think of them if they started
investigating a more spiritual lifestyle that includes Buddhism and Meditation...

I kept quiet about my own path, they do know I have been using the SAD Light
and Meditation but not about being a regular poster here at MedHelp, and told
them that any help or guidance they can get or give is a good thing.  

They started crying and I could see myself in them, in their sadness in their pain
and in their past.  This has never happened before in the life of our family...and
take it as a very good sign that sometimes just living a positive life might have more
influence then we actually realize...

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how can i help my dear Heart-----anything at all i can do?    Om
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MYoung at heart..
Please let me help ......I want to ..be optimistic..
Google "Bridge over troubled water" and read the lyrics, listen to the song..
      then take a few days to read my story...
My twins, boy and girl.....graduated with a class of over 800 students..
I was so very proud of their graduation from high school in 1988.
Among antics of fun....their high school's senior intimate get together, announced in the last hurrah before the anticipation of more established honorial announcements,
"best dressed" ..."most likely to succeed" etc. as judged by their piers and classmates..
..fun ..
..my 1967 graduating class had done the same.... Ridiculous, Labels on which if chosen, were all expected to uphold...for fun

My husband and his retired parents, having lived and helped teach my darlings...13yrs post retirement with us as a family.....were in attendance...
.at the pre-graduation fun..
I was working ..so my husband's comment  "ya missed the most fun of the entire graduation"  stabbed that ping of ........
Regret...HE worked a rigid 7am-3pm shift at his work..rode the 10min. Company shared bus to work.....not like my always expected, by law..had to be there 24/7 on call work..hehe
My husband related the fun and best est... Moment..
He said that he whistled and clapped remembering our similar graduation experiences....
but was not surprised ( yea, "right " ) I thought when " most optimistic senior male" .....Tim Webb,....our son's name was announced ..
I was projecting my happiness at work to anyone who had no choice but to listen .I was thrilled and so proud!
..Tim stood beside his fellow classmates all smiles!
This was the last category of the announcements for "most something"
Then, my husband said ..they announced " most optimistic senior female"
Tracy Webb!
I was gob-smacked ..as the British love to say for unabashed happiness...
THE twins, MY twins ......WOW!
I had a very public profession and proudly displayed their picture on my counter, a very public counter ...
Days after that I had friends, people I had never seen and even 4 of their teachers congratulate me at work....one saying she didn't even know they were related but totally agreed with the announcement!.
I knew ...felt as a mom....the twins were oh so very optimistic and exuded it in everything they did....So the news was fun..just fun..
Different types of music,movies, friends, likes,dislikes, their optimism always amazed me.. when they would conspire to deceive by forgetting to "remember" or forgetting to forget, ...their excuses would secretly make me smile as they are closest friends!
Tim an aspiring art lover wanting to be an animator..he had spent summers at ucla attending related classes, going to community college in the fall..
Tracy an avid sat.night.live lover, YMCA volunteer, aspiring school psyc...going to university in the fall.
We are proud that they did accomplish their dreams..nothing given but a smidgen of money... earned their way..the senior studio animator and the school psychiatrist....
This piece was written by me yrs ago, and published somewhere in time....so I remembered some of it and thought u might enjoy.....
I just thought ..(.remember, optimism  can be contagious..)...my own children infected me!......
I pray nine children ....oh  .mbrightlight...you exude such compassion and love in your storys...
You help us, we all want to be your bright light of optimism..and help.
Blessings.. iPad giving in so I can't give out

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yes M we do inspire all of those around us when we turn on our "lights"---the Bright Ones.
And you have inspired your family-sisters-spirit-sisters--with aspirations to "light" up their own adventures--challenges.
Next chapter in that story Is???


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