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I need help; I'm so sick and tired of pain, pain meds and withdrawal.
Hi, well some of you know that i came off morphine in June.  I tried to manage with codeine and medical marijuana.
I suffered in pain all of August, then in Sept. my Pain Dr. talked me into taking Ultram.  It was great at first as usual, my mood and pain were better, but then in October I started to have withdrawal symptoms two hours after taking a dose.
I had to start increasing my doses before I even needed pain relief, I was in hot and cold clammy sweats until I took the next dose??  Why does this keep happening??  Now I have weened off the drug and the horrible sweats have gone away, but my pain levels are intolerable.  I've been taking tylenol 3's, and medical marijuana at night and only when I'm desperate during the day. Today I broke down and took 5mg of morphine, and now i feel really guilty (but the pain is gone).  I'm so done with all of this, I don't like drugs, the side effects, the eventual dependency and then the withdrawal.
What a hellish roundabout this is, a catch 22, drugs or pain?  Why can't I just live a pain free life. If I want to continue trying the last drug my Pain Dr. will give me is Suboxone or a Butrans patch.  Will this have the same result as opioids?
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Oh My God do I understand what you are going through!

The pain medication merry-go-round, except not so merry.

I know the hot/cold sweats well.  I no longer take narcotics for pain.  I got off morphine and the fentanyl patch near 2 years ago.  

And yes that infamous choice between pain, functionality, side effects, and your mentally getting around what you are put in a place to take.  Certainly the pain isn’t enough!

Do not feel guilty for taking 5 mgs of morphine.  You have the right to pain relief!  

I was prescribed suboxone on an 8 day taper when getting off morphine and the fentanyl patch a couple years ago.  I found the suboxone got me out of the hellish pain but I did not consult either my pain dr or my neurologist to continue with it to help manage my pain.  I have heard it has helped others ongoing managing their pain.  However, know it is something you can become physically dependent on.  

These are all such hard choices.

I may not be taking narcotics but do not misunderstand I am on medications for pain I could not live without them.  I take neuropathic type pain medications and I get a lidocaine infusion weekly to help manage mine.  Is it enough – well I guess is anything ever enough?  Living in little to no pain – can you imagine?

I hope you are closer to finding a new option to try that you feel comfortable with.

I noticed you commented on a post about exercising with pain.  Good for you!  Try to keep that up as much as you can.  I found mine has helped me manage the pain and my neurologist and pain dr/pain clinic have only encouraged me to continue to do so.  

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