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Information about medical marijuana?
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Information about medical marijuana?

Hi, as most of you know I suffer from chronic back pain and chronic fatigue (for over 20 years)
I've tried many medications, and needed opioids to treat the pain. But I became so frustrated with the dependence and the side effects of the meds, that I decided to give Pot a try.  I live in Canada and my Dr. at the pain clinic applied with me for a license to legally use marijuana.  It took a year to get approved and I had a lot of learning to do, especially to get the right dose without getting too high!  So I thought if anyone wanted to learn about using marijuana for pain, I could answer some questions :)

I'm not an expert, but an actual pain patient who has found some relief.  I never thought this would be me, and at first I felt extremely guilty for using this medication (we've been brainwashed all these years) but not anymore!
So If you want to know any information about this topic, I will try to enlighten you.
Take care, Sue
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Do you need to increase the dose? What are the side effects and toxic effects? Does it affect your appetite?Do you get disturbed sleep? I am 81
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Hi Dalubaba, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.

My daughter was in the hospital earlier in the week, she was severely dehydrated from the stomach flu and needed to get and iv drip two days in a row.  I was very worried, she is only 22 and she was sick for a week. Thankfully she is on the mend, and went back to work today.

Ok, back to the marijuana.  When I first tried it, I hated it!!  
I smoked a bit too much and I felt a bit paranoid.  Nothing bad happened, I went to bed and lied down for a few hours.  But I called my husband at work; I was crying and told him I felt like a really bad mother for trying Marijuana. That is how I honestly felt, but that was me feeling paranoid.

I definitely wasn't a bad mother! I was just feeling really guilty because I was brought up in a society that has made this drug illegal.  Also my kids, who are all now in there 20's, all had their own opinions on the matter.  My oldest son was really upset with me?

I think there is a bit of a funny feeling, since you can't control the drug in your body.  So If you are a person that needs to feel in control at all times (not that you would do anything stupid) you probably wont like the feeling of the drug. I definitely treat it like I would if I was drinking alcohol.  I don't drive, or do anything dangerous, because you do become impaired to some degree?  It just depends on how much you use, and how stoned you become, just like alcohol.

When I tried the 50mcg Fentanyl patch, I was totally stoned for 2 days, and almost died from respiratory failure!!  I did not feel guilty, because it was a legal drug and my CP Dr. prescribed it to me?  I really should have felt horrible for using Fentanyl compared to Marijuana! If drug companies could patent marijuana, I bet it would be the #1 pain drug being prescribed.

I can only speak for myself Dalulaba, but I have not had to increase the dose to get the same pain relief.  I have become more tolerant to the dug and I don't feel paranoid or anxious when I use it, like I did when I first started using it?

I had to be very careful at first, I would have one or two puffs of a small rolled joint.  Then I would  get some pain relief, and I would either go and lay down and relax or I would get something done around the house, like make dinner and tidy the kitchen.

Ok, the side effects.  They are not always the same, so this is where you have to experiment a bit.  And there are different varieties of marijuana, some are good to help you sleep.  Other types can give you a boost to your mood, and even give you a bit of energy!

I have a Government of Canada approved marijuana grower.  He grows my plants for me. So I can pick and choose the different varieties that I would like to try.  It is very interesting and  there is a lot to learn;  I am a new student with this topic so I get a lot of advice from my "grower".  He can grow marijuana for patients who've been approved by the government of Canada.

He grows for me, and another chronic pain patient.  He also grows plants for people who have  cancer , HIV Aids, Muscular Sclerosis  and a few other ailments. He has patients of all ages.

I use two types of Marijuana. A Sativa strain, which I smoke a bit during the day if my pain gets out of control.  It doesn't make me too tired, I get a bit of an energy boost. But, then I need a little nap.

And in the evening before bed, I use Indica.  It helps my pain and helps me sleep. But it usually makes me very chatty at first, and then I have a good nights sleep!

Marijuana does increase your appetite. That is why a lot of cancer patients use it when they are getting treatment.  They loose their appetites with the chemo-therapy, so the pot helps them to eat and stay nourished. This is also a really good effect for Aids patients too.

But for me it is a bit of a problem, since I need to loose weight?  It is hard to be on a diet, since I do get the munchies after I smoke pot.  Even when I cooked with pot, I made brownies, I still really got hungry and wanted to snack.  So I'm trying not to keep to many treats in the house, since the feeling to snack can be really over powering.

I am sure there are some toxic effects, I haven't researched this problem yet. But  it's probably not great for your lungs?   I haven't had a problem (yet) I don't smoke cigarettes, but my doctor would prefer that I cook with the drug. I find it very difficult to dose when I cook with it? So I  end up a little more stoned than I would like.  It also takes more time to prepare, if you are going to cook with it. So for me standing and cooking makes my pain worse.  But I'm sure with time I will get better at baking and cooking, and will get the dose right for me.

I tried it when I was a teenager and didn't like it. So I wasn't sure that I would even be able to use it. But quite a few pain patients were telling me they liked it and were able to come off or reduce their need for opioid medications like percocet, hydrocodone, morphine etc.
So that is why I decided to give it a try? I did manage to come off morphine.  Unfortunately I still need to take Tramadol, Ultram, so that is a bit disappointing.  But I don't use the Marijuana all day long.  Only when my pain becomes unbearable, and I use it regularly at bedtime. I have no troubles sleeping.

I should clarify and say, that all of this information is just my opinion.
I don't know how anyone else will react when they use Marijuana?  There are so many different strains, some are stronger than others!  So please be careful, have someone home with you if and when you try it.  And go very slowly, one or two puffs at a time.  And make sure, you are getting real Marijuana, please don't buy if off the street.

I hope I've answered some of your questions?
Maybe it will help someone else too.
Take Care, Sue
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wow sue---wow.  Perfect!  No need for good 'ol omhome to babble on about it. But i do have to say that i think you are a very good writer. I have some experience with that and you have definitely "found your voice". I hope you continue to share this talent with our growing--learning--accepting Group.
   And hello Dalubaba!!    omhome
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I am glad to learn that your daughter has recovered and joined her duties. I am thankful to you for very comprehensive answer to my query.I totally agree with Onhome about your writing ability-it is a professional exposition on the subject. Thanks for your efforts. My curiosity is fully satisfied.
Recently I was reading on cold shower for treatment of pain and depression. It is very interesting subject.I have reported in this forum.I am planning to experiment with cold shower therapy.Wish you best of luck.
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Hi Dalubaba and all our chronic pain friends :)

I'm so glad you found my information helpful.
Yes I am pretty fired up about marihuana because it has helped me to enjoy life again!

Last night I actually went to a concert, I was so worried that everybody would be standing and I would be sitting and having trouble seeing the show?
My son gave me two tickets to see Bon Jovi, you know 80's rocker. I had to beg my husband to come with me lol.

I brought my cane, since the wheelchair would be a pain in the *** at a concert. Anyway I smoked my pot before we went in, and I had the time of my life!!!  It was so much fun, the pot helped my pain, and the music was so energetic and uplifting, I think my adrenaline kicked in too?

Well as soon as the concert started, I was the one standing and dancing the night away, I couldn't believe it? It was the best night that I've had in years :). I will post a picture later on today.

I had some worries before we went to the show, I think my sister is going back to her abusive husband, and i had been talking to her kids (they are really scared and upset). But, I just kept telling myself, this night is for me and I'm not going to have any negative thoughts. And I did it, every time I would get a negative thought, I said to myself "not now, I can think about it tomorrow!"  I did it, it worked and I'm really proud of myself.

Half way through the show, I could really feel my pain kicking in from standing and dancing. So my husband and I asked where the smoking area was?  We had to go out of the building, I didn't want to stand beside the smokers while I was smoking pot, so we stood to one side and tried to be discreet. I smoked  1/2  a joint, and then a security guard came up to us?
He said you look more obvious standing away from the other smokers, and said he could smell the pot!  I told him its not a problem, I have my license with me if he'd like to see it?  He said no worries, apparently he used to smoke the stuff himself but gave it up, because he became addicted to it?
So we had a pretty interesting conversation with the security guard!

After, we returned to the show and I danced for a few more songs but then I had to sit down. It was such a great pain free night, I just had to share it with you all. And today, no hangover, I'm sure the drinkers are having a rough Tuesday morning. But not me, it's just my body hurts everywhere, from dancing the night away. It's a good pain though, an exercise pain, but yes my back totally ***** (but it does every morning anyway!)

Now I can remember what it was like to feel young and happy and have no pain. And I was a skinny girl, because I used to love dancing the night away.
Hopefully I lost a pound last night, but I definitely gained a whole new appreciation for marijuana, music and making an effort to go out and have some fun.

It would have been so easy to say "no thanks" to the tickets.  I could have stayed home cuddled up on the couch, it was -10c out last night. And I could have worried all night about my sis and her kids.

I'm so glad I listened to my heart; I tried something different, and had an amazing night. I hope my storey inspires you all to try something you haven't
done in a long time, take your pain killers and just try it!

Love you all, Sue
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I am so glad you listened to your heart sue and even gladder that you reminded us all of the beauty and joy that comes when you do. Best spiritual advice huh dalubaba?--listen to your heart!  Yes yes yes.  Omhome
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