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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can read up on the latest information on chronic pain, tell your story, post any information you'd like to relay, or just come to simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post is heard, we always hear and respond...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage to cope with our pain from day to day! Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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A Brain Exercise You Can Do Right Now

This is an exercise that can strengthen neural connections and even create new ones.

Switch the hand you are using to control the computer mouse. Use the hand you normally do NOT use.

What do you notice?

Is it harder to be precise and accurate with your motions?

Do you feel like you did when you were first learning to tie your shoelaces?

If you are feeling uncomfortable and awkward don’t worry, your brain is learning a new skill.

Try other neural building and strengthening exercises with everyday movements. Use your opposite hand to brush your teeth, dial the phone or operate the TV remote.
Flip-Flop. Flip is what we do an activity in a routine way. Flop means doing things differently. Any activity done differently will brighten the brain even in elderly person. For more details Google Neurobics. One can do any physical exercise mentally. this will also help in freshening our brain.
I like the name Neurobics.  And it works with thoughts too! Swami Sivananda taught that positive always overcomes negative and if you can just "Switch" the negative thought for a positive one----or flip-flop and turn it to the opposite. This is usually a switch from the worry-wart anxious left-brain to the more relaxed and calm right-brain. So left to right hand ---left to right brain----all encompassed in the practice of "Switch"  Yep---ya just switch it!
     Switch that thought train to another track.
     Switch shallow unconscious breathing to full relaxed-focused breath.
     Switch being mean to being Nice.
     Switch It.

I am a photographer and use the switching many times during my shooting.  I am always really impressed by my new Switch photos and have incorporated some of them into my actual daily photography...I love the feeling of the neurals popping and activating when I do switching...I first used this when I had carpal tunnel surgery and had my arms, first the right and then the left in casts for 6 weeks....

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