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Radio Frequency Injection 2nd attempt
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Radio Frequency Injection 2nd attempt


Just reaching out to see if anyone else out there has had any Radio Frequency injections recently.

The first one I had really doesn't feel like it did very much. And on top of that the Pain Care Center I had the procedure with, made a mistake and did not increase my Pain Med's enough afterwards. I was miserable for 3 weeks until I called them and we corrected the error.
I am very nervous about having a 2nd injection because the frist one causing so much discomfort and pain.
Guess you could say I am looking for some reassurance before commiting to a 2nd RF injection...

Thanks for any input and God Bless.
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Anytime I even have a short procedure, I am a wreck.  I can't take pain meds either--my liver is getting ruined.  So I just get other stuff, doesn't help and I'm in agony.

I'm terified because I have a stress test (non walking) but it takes 3 hrs. on the 14th and then if my heart is ok, I have to get 3 new MRI's.

The pain just from laying on the table is excruciating and goes on for days.

At least you can get meds--I wish u luck.  Let us know how it goes, Is this for back pan?
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Yes, it is for back pain. I had a hip replacement in 2006 and it was recalled.
Never had any back problems until I had my 2006 hip replacement revised.
Now I have been diagnosed w/ spinal stinosis, disk bulges, nuro-foraminal narrowing. All of these issues came on after my hip revision surgery which I had in Dec,2011.
The original hip replacement from 2006 fell apart after a few years which is why I had the revision done.
It was one of those Johnson &Johnson Metal On Metal replacements, the acetabular component disintigrated making one of my legs longer than the other. I walked around like that for well over 1 year and the Doctors kept telling me the pain (2006 hip) was from me being over weight. Kinda hard to excersise when your in alot of pain, hense me being a little heavy.
Until they opened me up for the revision, thats when they found out how bad things were. I had metalosis, and was really close to a very severe infection from the failed hip replacement.
Needless to say, this has been a Living Nightmare!
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hey how are you doing buddy? Let us know ok?   Om
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Hello Om,

Thanks for asking... I am hanging in there, I guess you could say.

I wish I could find a good primary care Doctor who would listen to me more.
The pain Clinic I go to is really hard to get too, and becoming a financial strain.
I have to go 2 and 3 times a month because of all these new Fed Regulations. Med management every month so they will write me a prescription, which by the way, is the only thing helping my back pain.
All of the injections I have had since June2011(1 to 2 a month every month) helped a little but are short lived.Epidural; Facet; Radio Frequncy....

I am very fortunate to have very good Health Insurance, Thank God!

Thinking of trying some more Physical Therapy before going through another RF Inj. Not sure what else to do.
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Read your post and not sure what I can offer. This hip replacement seems to be one issue that needs addressing from the sounds of what you post.
My experience with radio frequency procedures have been the following...First one took, second one did not and third one helped but the muscle does grow back. Exercise does help to strengthen the muscle that has been damaged. Recently I had a Botox injection to the piriformis muscle that has been bothering me for years. I got relief from this injection and am walking again for the first time in years. I had to fight with my doctor to get this treatment but it seemed to work for me. I will be going to a new pain management team because I should not have to fight with a doctor for treatment. All this pm doctor wanted to do was refill my morphine prescription and that is not what I wanted. I got a couple of steroid injections to some of the pain areas and this botox injection seemed to help. Off the pain medications, still have pain but manageable. Doing a lot of walking and using muscles I have not used in years and that is where I am getting some of the pain issues. I do have scar tissue from the surgeries that I have had and that is the side effects of the surgeries I have had.
I still have pain but manageable after this botox injections so maybe ask about this and see if it can help you. Good luck and keep me posted.
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