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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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Want to give up!

I am so scared, in so much pain and tried a new dr, and got no help.  I broke a tooth and had it replaced, crown broke again and I just git diagnosed with Diabetes and everything is getting worse,  My back/neck is so bad I can't move or sit up.  I have NOTHING for pain.  

I feel hopeless and terrified.  It's been so many years since I had a quality of life.  Nobody gets it.  I don't want to be here anymore.  I'm tired of suffering.  I feel like some freak--I should be stronger but I just can't do it anymore.  No one calls me or cares.  What am I doing here...I pray all the time--

I am so sorry.  And, yes, I take anti depressants and anxiety meds but things are out of control.  They do not cure my back, neck of arthritis or swelling and pain.

I am so sorry.  Thanks for listening....
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  hey i am seeing if this works this time as it wasn't before!  be right back with more
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hi cindee! looks like it's working again.  I saw your post and just waited to see if anyone cared. About you i mean. i do and i am hoping today it starts getting brighter for you. But it seems very few do care and won't even take a minute to send a hello or something---or anything.  A few of us have tried Really Hard to turn this forum in a more positive direction to discussions of helpful things to do for the pain. Away a little from the constant whining and complaining and negativity that i think turns most away from us to somewhere (anywhere) else. Some of that is good and necessary but it can go too far. We don't need to keep wallowing in it---that becomes habit and then becomes our daily experience of life! Let's switch right now at a new  forum--new beginning--new life for medhelp.  C'mon everybody--it could work!  OK? let's see what happens if we do.   it's a good day cindee  we are still here!! OM   yogadon
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Is it possible to develop spiritual courage to get rid of spiritual fear.It is a concept difficult to adopt when you are already in agony. I will send you Reiki while doing my Reiki prayer. I will include you in my prater directed towards my acquaintances Try to slow down your breath.Concentrating on breath slows it down and this will help you to reduce pain to some extent.Pious thoughts of divine energy also reduce you   pain.Do not lose hope..
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I am so sorry to hear of your situation. What type f doctor did you see? If you have Chronic pain wh no meds? Is this a personal preference or because u ran out? I would love to help and point you in the rght direction offer some assistance. But need more information...

I have been where you are, in so much pain both mental and physicalbut please remember no matter how desperate we become there is always tomorrow. You moght feel a bit better after some rest. An old friend mght sendbyou a letter or an email. Do you belong to any groups? Church? Community? Family someone out there loves you and cares about what you are going through. I was diagnoised with severe spinal stenosis, arthritis, several bone spurs and 4 herniations. This was after a cervical fusion and lumbar laminectomy and discectomy.  I also have bone spurs on both feet, planter fasia, and mortons nueromas. So i know pain. If you ever need to chat or are feeling like you want to compare nores, give me a hollar.

I hope you wake up feeling better. Please keep me posted on what you are doing for pain management and what your story is.

Take care,
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Dear Cindee,
Omg sweetheart I get it, I get.  Life ***** when you are in so much pain.
I recently had a bad sinus infection, and then I couldn't cope, because all I can manage is my chronic back pain!

When I get anything else on my plate I feel like I can't go on too.
But I do, somehow we have the courage to keep going on and be grateful for just the small things in life.

I couldn't sleep this morning because of my pain. Oh, my back pain is horrendous today and I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to my inlaws for dinner!!
Anyway, I couldn't sleep so I came downstairs. And there were so many birds at my bird feeder :) it was a beautiful sight.
So I thought if I wasn't in this ****** pain, I would have missed these beautiful birds.

Ok now, why don't you have any meds??  Can you get something to make yourself more comfortable?  It is your right, and your choice, to get pain relief.

I don't know what you have tried, but right now I take slow release Tramadol (ultram in the US), Tylenol 3, and medical marijuana (and don't wait for the forms)
just ask any teenager in the family if they can get you a bit to try to see if you like it.  And if all fails I take morphine, which for me gives me the best pain relief, but I don't like taking it because of all the side effects.

But if you feel like dying, like i have so many times, why not give these drugs a try.  They will make you so much more comfortable.

I wasn't on the computer when you posted,
because I'm getting a repetitive strain injury from typing on the computer, so I'm supposed to give it a rest :(

But being in pain, like you, I've only found other pain patients are the people who understand.

Take care cindee,
be assertive, even if you show up in emerg and say I'm in so much physical pain I want to kill myself.  They will get you help and some pain relief (they might make you stay in for 72 hours, but what the hell, you will get looked after)

Good luck
And be kind to yourself, Sue

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how are those birds doing today cindee----i wonder if they get back troubles--no--probably beak tweaks---or something stuck in their craw! What the heck is a craw anyway? and who cares?  Kinda like us pain sufferers---who cares?  Very few especially if they don't have a clue what Severe Chronic Pain is capable of doing to a person. We do know.
  It really seems sometimes that one more straw--one more anything no matter how insignificant- will do us in. And then Wham!  Another straw! And then blink---still here God! And thanks for nothing. Sorry--kinda upset with God. Too bad there isn't one that can help those who need it most like poor children hungry and in pain and their praying mothers. Screw me! Help them.
   I'm gonna stop or ???? Cindee there are people who need you around for a while so stay with us---maybe we should plan the biggest suicide party ever seen---start in Vegas---max out the credit cards--we won't need 'em!
Start a trend for the baby boomers--ta ta everyone. Been nice. Have fun with your painless little lives ya know.  Ha ha.
     I'm thinking positive as i can for ya cindee---and the rest of you guys--just make it thru one more straw!  Take another sip of life.  I raise a post to life. clink!  om to ya cindee    yogadon
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ok they were sue's birds to start---then cindee i think  and now i see them. hey  had another of those famous "moments" again but i forget what they are? Moment after moment. One at a time. With consciousness of the breath---takes you home.  Om    don
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