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are we going to keep our group together?
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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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are we going to keep our group together?

Are we going to keep our group alive and active or like nearly all the other ones i have seen just sort of slow and fade away. Or should we stay together as this group and make it work for us?
people come and go and then just go as the energy of the group is lost. Let's change that and make a place where people can come and depend on each other to be  there---here----we make this group first and our home-base and then if we need to we can get those strokes we like when we post to help
others. Is this even possible? Do you guys want to do it and do the regular posting it takes  to keep it energized?  Truth now----don't say yes and then post again next week. You know--there doesn't need to be that "cry for help" or a post from a new person to post in .  Well  whaddya think---and silence speaks volumns--   om
Allow my  few comments please to your post.

I was given one life, in this one life I have run wild and free,
never knowing how long I have or when I will just fade and
then fly away to my next incarnation.  That never has had me
asking if I should love people or help those who ask for it because
my time might be limited to the next minute or second.

It is the same in groups....you need to ask Self if you are
happy here, if you look forward to coming here and having
wonderful conversations with wonderful exotic people who
you have never met in your present or past life.  You need to
ask if you are being Served as well as Serving other humans
in this incarnation.

I read that you are concerned with saving The Mother Earth
but the Earth does not need saving, the beautiful people
populating the Earth need help.

I can email or note anyone of you whenever I want
with or without a group page to go to.  Until you leave
MedHelp or block mail in your mailboxes, You, wonderful
gentle YOU will always be thought of with a smile and
good thoughts....


so M   as i understand it ----no group needed for you.
I disagree about Mother Earth-=--although i think it is a game of semantics here! Mother is not separate from her children---animals--etc. And she is suffering----her trees ripped from her skin-soil---animals tortured for food--children--well you know the story---so why quibble about who or what needs help?  Beautiful humans-----??  Look at the result of the "beautiful human" greed....yes there is good---but look at our Mother---our home is being destroyed and you can not "semantic"  or "talking point" your way out of the responsibility to clean up your own act so you can be a solution. This group is about tools to clean up that "act" and be of some help.
     I respect what you are saying but it is not "all good" by a long long long shot/.  oh no no no.

ok group members---now---let's spread a yes yes yes day all over---especially to precious mother's children and animals---they need a smile.

i am not so worried about or interested in "wonderful" or exotic or "new" people i haven't met. I prefer compassionate to wonderful---simple to exotic.
   Normal people and normal down-to-earth conversations are fine with me---i am not impressed by all the wonderfulness you mention. i am impressed with people who get thru a day in severe pain and can still give a smile and a hand to others. You may not see the potential of a humble group like ours (just beginning) starting in of all places MH but it always starts somewhere.,
    I am glad you are content if necessary to do solitary posting to individuals in their boxes---different strokes ya know.      omhome
What can I say, I am here to listen and learn. If no one wants to offer anything, I will keep nagging until I get my I get some type of support for what concerns me. I am sure there is someone out there who is willing to offer me some guidance or direction and if they don't I can NAG till the cows DON'T come home! Sometimes I just want a voice to listen or sometimes I just want the encouragement to know that I am on the right track. Sometimes it is nice not to not feel alone in your focus of how to get through the day.
If there is any debate on this subject I am willing to listen and learn but remember, I have a voice also and can return (maybe) some wisdom. It is a two way street and it really is not that crowded so how about some feedback on what it is like, not to be alone and to have your voice heard!
yes madman---one of the ways a cohesive ongoing group is supportive is in just what you have voiced----you know someone is there "listening" --that you are not alone (The Lone Poster! HA!~)  --but have fellow members you know over time and come to trust their input. As to feedback---i love having even a small solid group there supporting me----and i love growing in our purpose together----it takes a village (and one village idiot--i volunteer) or i prefer---tribe
The Pain Couch Tribe!  Growing! New Family---new folks a comin' in.  i hope.
Oh yeah----thanks madman!       om
I would love to receive messages from myoungathert for clear thinkg and frank writing and Omhome for his enthusiasm even  in bad environment.
I have to apologize to Omhome.....I am sorry, I never meant to post to you and cause any discord or disharmony.  Please accept my apology.

life is so strange sometimes---i have been agonizing this morning over my own posts to you MYoungAtHeart. I am such a work! Defensive---yep! Not so good.  Honest to a fault--yep. Blurting out my first reactions (trying to turn them to responses) yep. Big 'ol texas mouth and oh boy aggressive --yep.
My only defense is that i am a human animal---and a male one at that. I escaped the physical texas in 1966---the mental texas is still right here in living color.
   Anyway---blah blah blah as i stall for a while before----
I sincerely Sincerely apologize for uncalled for behavior on my part. You didn't do any thing or post anything that caused it--- so no need to apologizer. However i respect your apology and gladly accept----it made my day to get your post M---thank you     omhome

p.s.   weirder----madman and i just did an apology dance too. must be in the air?
I hope among apologies and counter apologies,there is lot of postings. Operative phrase is more posting from all sides.
I did ask my mentor in MH' should i stop posting? He replies, go on posting as all postings are l archived.Do not worry they will be unearthed and read again. continue  posting.
we were taught in a mamagement  class that wen you deal with a gruoup, you start with you, then we and then I. and when you are deaing with yourself you start with i,we, you. Does it make any sense? This question came up when i did mental gymnast.
I have a journal here at MedHelp that has alot of I in it.  In groups i try to keep from being judgemental and sometimes fail at that, so I use the word "we" more than I or You.  In group here at the pain couch, i feel like we are aligned towards honestly sharing our lives and thoughts and use i alot and maybe should look at that as sounding high and mighty and like i am a know it all....

Thank you so much, this has given me something to meditate on today

you are correct about our group being down-to-earth honest about our "i's"---notice not capitalized-----
and we mustn't worry too much about sounding high and mighty because guess what!   ?     We are (notice the capitalization)   oh Yes We are (a bundle of "i's"= the We).....yeah i know---vague (screw logic).......yes yes yes.....

group....thank you for accepting my poetic way of expression of the Way Ok?
i appreciate it so much----allows such freedom.......kinda edgy.......
i love this group----the us that makes up the We.

ok i'll stop.
Group?  Is this what we want as a group-----lack of energy---no posts for long periods----not much in the way of responses----well----not Any!
   If dalubaba did'nt post the last week----nothing would be there.
   At least post in to check out.
   To me----right now-----feels like nobody is there.........and nobody is........

Yes, I am reading and haven't had anything to post for the last couple of weeks.
Pain is pain, one day good, one day bad. Such is life and I can live with that...given the alternative?
I have read a lot of 'confusing' issues related to degenerative joint/disk disease and I am glad I take the time to research on line to educate myself. Wish others would do the same. It answers a lot of questions.
That's my feedback for the day, hope everyone else is doing good. Wish you all GOOD HEALTH.
God be With you! and with the group.
I look forward to a post from God. We need all the help we can get dalubaba.
I'm here, what can I help you with?
Do you need a sounding board? Try the pain couch, some brilliant responses for people who care OR
you can take two aspirin and call me in the morning??
gonna take more than two and don't make me laugh with the aspirin!
I know you and dalubaba are here. Perhaps we could rename the couch "three guys and a cat!".......anybody got a cat?

Hi Om,
I check into the couch every time I check into Medhelp. I enjoy reading
your posts, Dalubaba's comments and Madman's comments. I will try
and contribute more comments. I joined the Chronic Pain Couch, not
necessarily for myself because I'm not in chronc pain. I joined because
my mom is in chronic pain and because I liked what I read as far as
comments here on the couch. I would like to be considered part of
the "group" here on the couch.  Eve :)
NOW you tell me about the aspirin? And here I thought I had all the answers. Well, shows I still human after all.
How about anyone who want to tell us just the name of their animal, not what type and let us guess what type of animal?
That would really stimulate conversation.
(hey it's early in the AM and the brain function is a bit slow without the coffee)???
alright we are on a roll group------there are now four---that's right 4-----in the Group---eve is joining us! Yeehaw!  We will have to figure out a proper initiation or ceremony for the addition of members. And we need to collect her dues somehow? Any ideas----she could just send some $$$ directly  to our treasurer (that would be me). I think that is best.
    Welcome eve--------and thanks for posting in.  The posting is important!

ok madman. Let's start with Spot.  What is Spot? HA! See Spot. See Spot run. Remember Spot you guys. Named that because.......?
Welcome Eve and thanks for posting.
I know there is not too much information here that may be helpful with your pain issues but the ones that are reading are here to help in any way possible.
I am not sure what is worse, waiting to find an answer to the pain issues or waiting for a doctor to diagnose and hope he/she gets it right.
I think the combination of both will help and that is what I stay posted for. One HELL of an education from people in the KNOW and how to deal with pain.
Once again, welcome and thanks for being here.
SPOT? Who would name their animal SPOT? The name is too common and we don't want our animals to get a complex, now do we?
I had a friend who named his animal NUTSY. One day while on the beach NUTSY took off and my friend walked around the whole beach asking people....
Have you see my NUTSY? (true story)
What animal was it?
DUES? Now wait a minute.
Didn't you get my note about "The check is in the mail"?
I am paying to be a lifetime member and here I find out that my subscription expired or did I? You never got my check? I will speak to my accountant about this. Oh wait, I fired him because of sloppy bookkeeping.
Where did that check go?
I know, Spot ate it!!!!
easy one madman.
Nutsy is a squirrel!
Wrong...a cat...he brought his cat to the beach. The cat went off chasing a ball. My friend got kicked off the beach...?

Hi om,
I'm happy you've allowed me to join the group. As for dues to join the
group, let me think about it.  Thank you om, for the warm welcome.
Nameste, Eve :)
Hi there TheMadMan,

Thank you that warm welcome to the group. It's always nice to be appreciated. My pain issues are my neck and back mainly. My mom
on the other had had a very bad fall more than eight years ago. She
was visiting at a friend's cottage, got the sandals she was wearing
caught inbetween a flight of stairs and fell forward on hard rock.
This fall started a whole series of horrible back pain. Since the fall,
she has chronic back pain and the worst part is , the doctors don't
know what is causing this pain. She is on some very strong meds and
in constant pain. I'm not looking for sympathy for my mom or me.
I'm just sharing this with you because what I'm looking for is possible
answers, ideas for coping with this pain other than the meds  and just
the opportunity to support each other. Take good care, Eve :)
Hi TheMadMan,

I liked the story about Nutsy the cat. It must have been a little bit awkward
going up to people on the beach saying " have you seen my Nutsy?" LOL.
Here's one. I had a pet called George and two other pets called Patrick
and Patricia. What kind of animals were these pets? I had these pets
when I was about eight years old. Cheers, Eve :)
Thank you for your information.
I wish I could understand the mentality of doctors. Some just prescribe drugs and think that is the answer without doing a full examination of the patient. These are the incompetent ones. Unfortunately they are out there.
I have been diagnosed by MANY, MANY doctors who just give a pill. My orthopedic surgeon did work on my back but it took YEARS to find a competent doctor wiling to care and explain why I needed the surgery.
My caregiver took the time to research doctors and find one that had good reviews and specialized in my pain issues. He was very professional and I felt very comfortable with the work he did. But again, I mention, it took years to find this doctor after much research.
Since then, I have been to pain management teams. There is nothing more I can do for my condition except manage the pain. NOW the pain management doctor want to dope me up. I just got tired of the drugs and did some more research.
Dropped the pain management team I was going to after arguing with the doctor about getting shots instead of medications.
Found a pain management doctor who specializes in sports medicine, pain medicine and physical therapy.
I am very happy with the work he has done to date.
It has helped my mental state and sometimes that all we need to get through the day of pain.
Someone who will take the time to listen and care.
That's what our purpose here is for.
To listen and care.
It may be time to find another doctor is you have the time. When a doctor can't explain the pain issues, then it is time to find a doctor who will. They are out there.
Pain is real! It happens with age, damage to the body and reactions to medications over time. There are many issues to explain pain.
It takes even more to get through the day with pain and sometimes that can teach the doctor a thing or two. Teach the doctor what they need to know! About time they listen!
Alright EVE, you have me going. You have the animals since you were eight years old. Attempting to put an age to the animals, I would almost say they are dogs but I am not sure. The could be turtles.
How close an I? Maybe a little more hint?
hamsters or goldfish?
hi eve: has your mom tried lyrica? It is a big help (especially for the nerve pains) for some of us. And it helps slow the development of tolerance to opiates----a big factor for mom. If she has any muscle spasms--tightness--etc.-----then perhaps Baclofen would help----it is muscle relaxer--pain relief---and also helps with the tolerance issues.   Ask her dr.----hopefully a pain-management specialist!------about these options.   Hope that helps eve----i think you are really cool for helping out mom.....i know how your mom feels. Pain is no fun believe me!.........omhome
Glad you mentioned some of the pointers you did.
I do have muscle spasms that activate when I least expect them, usually from too much walking.
I take gabapentin which helps the nerve pain. (I can't take lyrica due to the side effects for me). I also take baclofin along with the gabapentin and the combination helps me get through the night sleeping.
During the day, when my muscle spasms act up I am taking something called tizanidine 2mg (I take 2 tables as prescribe by my doctor) and although this puts me to sleep for a little while, when I wake up, the muscle spasms are gone and I can continue with the day.
Don't know if any of this helps but knowledge is power as long as it doesn't dope up the mind.
Hi TheMadMan,

I had George, Patrick and Patrica when I was eight years old. Unfortunately
they passed away a long time ago. Hints, you say . Okay.
George was pretty big as these kinds of animals go. Patrick and Patricia,
otherwise known as the twins, were smaller than George. They all lived
to be about five years old, they lived two years longer than they normally
live in captivity. They could fit in the palm of my hand. They ate insects
and lived in a terrarium my dad made. Guesses ???
Cheers, Eve :)
Hi om,

Good guesses, but not correct. I had what you might call unusual pets.
I've posted some more clues today as to what kind of animals they were.
Hope you're enjoying your day. Cheers, Eve :)
Hi TheMadMan,

Thank you for your suggestions and for sharing what you've been through.
As I mentioned in a previous post, the fall my mom had started a whole
series of back problems. About six months after my mom fell, she was
out shopping, she went to her car, and suddenly she knew something was
very wrong. A friend of hers rushed her to the hospital as I was still working
at the time. She ended up in the hospital unable to walk, period. The whole
neurology department of a very well known hospital was completely stumped as to what had caused this and what was wrong with my mom's
back.  One month later, my mom was transferred by ambulance to a
rehabilitation hospital where she learned to walk again with the aid of a
walker. She has been seen by the head surgeon on the chronic pain
unit at a hospital. She's had a number of procedures on her back, not
surgeries, procedures including a number of injections which my mom
says has made the pain worse. If a doctor could figure out what exactly
is causing her back pain atleast she would know what's causing the pain.
My mom suspects it may be a pinched nerve (s) in various parts of her
back as a result of her fall although it's only a hunch. She's had a number
of MRI's, a cat scan, but a pinched nerve(s) wouldn't show up in an MRI.
My mom even had a number of nerve blocks. They didn't help at all.
In fact it made it worse. She's frustrated and I feel helpless because I
wish I had more medical knowledge. Oh well, there it is. You said you
found a pain management doctor who specializes in sports medicine
and he's listening to you and helping you. You say, pain is real.
Absolutely. Let's hope that your pain management doctor continues to
help you feel better. I wish my mom could find a doctor who could
help her and diagnose what is causing her chronic pain. Be well. Eve :)
Hi omhome,

My mom actually did take Lyrica which she paid for out of pocket as the
government doesn't pay for Lyrica. It got too expensive for her, about
$500.00 a month actually and she said it wasn't really helping anyway.
As for the Baklafan, my mom ended up in the hospital last year after
she got very sick, fainted and broke her leg in three places. They gave
her this medication in the hospital. She reacted very badly to this medication and had a very bad reaction to it. Thank you for your suggestions though, om. It is very much appreciated. My mom's doctor
is a general practioner, not a pain management specialist. Thanks for
saying I'm cool for helping my mom. My mom is such a wonderful
woman and she's done so much for me over the years. When I was
going through my depression and didn't want to eat anything, my mom
would cook extra food and just invite me down to eat. We lived in the
same building when I was going through my depression many years
ago now. I retired earlier actually so I could take my mom to all the
appointments she needed to go to. Cheers, Eve :)
Hello fellow group members,

What kind of animals were George, Patrick and Patricia ?

The answer is they were anoles otherwise known as chamelions.

George was the biggest lizard who lived for 5 years. I couldn't tell

Patrick or Patricia apart, so I called them the twins and they were a lot

smaller lizards than George. They were a lot of fun and well cared for.

Cheers, Eve :)
i didn't know they had such short life spans. the poor little reptiles.

My anoles lived for five years. According to a chameleon book I had when
I was a kid, anoles normally only lived for three years. Mine lived two
years more than that. But , alas , there life spans are really short.
Most pet stores don't know how to properly look after anoles. I once tried
to talk to someone in a neighborhood pet store and tell them they shouldn't use plastic plants in their terrariums. That is was better to use real plants.
That anoles don't drink out of a container in nature. That if they used real
plants in their terrariums, they could use a plant sprayer to lightly mist the
leaves of the plant so the anoles could drink the water from the leaves
of real plants which is what they do in nature. But my suggestions fell
on deaf ears. I guess they thought I was criticizing the way they were
looking after their lizards. I wasn't doing that. I was suggesting a more
natural alternative. Also they weren't feeding their anoles enough as
they were so skinny. I just don't look at any anoles anymore in pet
stores if they have them. It just makes me sad to see them not cared for
properly, so I don't look at them anymore. Sorry, I didn't realize I left
such a long message. Reptiles are really cool. I also had two pet
painted turtles, a toad, a Mexican green snake, newts and seven
iguanas at different times in my childhood. Oh yes, I also took care of
a baby snapping turtle for awhile, although I didn't realize it was a
baby alligator snapping turtle when I bought it from my next door
neighbour for 10 cents. I called him 10 cent Tarzan. As you can see
I had a lot of pets growing up. I still care a lot about animals. Eve
any soft warm cuddly pets there eve......
Bloody hell, I was thinking lizards but don't know enough about them. I could have won a trip around the world...I could a been somebody?
All right, how about a new pet?
I like this.
easy one madman----hint is in the name............Barny!
Stuffed animal?
nope---alive. I have seen stuffed ones. Who --oh  who will guess it with the other klue hidden some--where in this $entence.
An owl?
you got it madman! Kinda like figuring out my e-mail huh?    om
I've got one for you.
I had two animals named Chester and Ester. I had their sexes mixed up because I could not tell which one was female and which one was male.
Chester is the older one and I got Ester about eight months later. At first sight, they hated one another and fought.
Who am I?
hello everybody-------well     hello one or two of ya! where is our group?
Nice guess. A little more. Both animals are white and and are very vein about themselves. Sid too much.

About this group...
I stopped worrying about what people want to contribute. Seems they only want advise when the aspirin stops working for their headache. I have seen a lot of questions, some intelligent, some beyond reasoning. This is not a medical board. It is a support board for people in pain and how mentally to deal with that pain, including a smile.
Look up the word support in your dictionary and that will give you an idea of what is offered here. Sometimes it is hell when you are in pain and feel so alone and that is what is offered here.
I guess there is not enough concern about that, only questions about what to do when my headache return?
I think I have said enough for now. For the time being I will offer a smile for what ever it is worth because a smile is a good pain distraction and if it's only for a second, that second will make you realize that pain can be distracted. That's the best advise I can offer. I am not a doctor, just someone who lives with pain daily and appreciate what other members have to offer. That is worth the daily read but when no one posts, then I guess there is no support for people with pain issues and they can depend on their drugs and come back later with the question about why and I addicted? Good luck with that.
For now, I enjoy the company of not feeling alone in my pain and how to share my thoughts with others who are willing to listen and share.
Again, good luck with that...
Damn, I made that too easy.
I had Chester first and did not know he was a female. How do you tell when you don't know where to look. Then Chester laid an egg. I thought it was about time she(he) got a partner and I got Ester who was the male.
Now do you see the confusion I had?
I had to name the second bird something and Ester the male was the only thing I could think of. They were wonderful birds. Coca teals (sp).
Chester was my heart. He loved to drink beer and loved popcorn. He really brought some joy into my life. I never kept the cage locked up and when Chester wanted to take a walk, he would waddle down the hall to my shoulder and stay there. He was taught never to touch food from anyone's plate unless offered. He would perch on your shoulder until told he could clean up any scraps and he was an amazing bird.
It took a while to train Ester. She (he) did not like Chester at first glance but eventually they became the best of friends and the two of them would waddle down the long hall and find a spot together where they could observe the humans.
They both loved mirrors. Unfortunately, the big mirror I had at the end of the hall was a deception to them and they thought there were other birds in the room. Both birds flew into the mirror.
My heart was broken when I lost them both. I kept them with me as I moved from place to place until I finally found a resting place for them both.
Animals can do amazing things when you least expect them. I lost many a dog and birds and did not want any more animals because of the heart break.
Nest the story of MommyGirl....
Animals and what they mean to me???

I promised myself I would never get another animal because of the heartbreak of losing them. Then MommyGirl came into my life.
She is a gray short hair Siamese mix. My neighbor originally had her for about 2 years and I would always pet MommyGirl when I came downstairs because she always liked to be outside in the sun.
One day, my neighbor moved in with her boyfriend but did not take the cat because the building did not allow animals. MommyGirl became everyone's favorite and all the tenants would feed her but no one would take her in at night. One day, there was a fight in the neighborhood with the other cats, and MommyGirl was the loser. I couldn't leave her outside, I just couldn't.
I knew nothing about cats. I am a dog person.
MommyGirl took to me and I took to her over time. It took a little while to train her but she responded brilliantly and her and I are the best of friends.
My caregiver works out of his home office and is somewhat afraid the cat will scratch him, so he doesn't deal with MommyGirl often. That changed! She stole his heart when she would pop up on his desk, wrestle with the papers and wait to be petted.
Now, she gets groomed by him, and I am the food master. She stays by my side mostly but at night, invades the office to get the attention of both parties. At night she takes turns sleeping at the feet of each one of us. She leave me after warming my feet and looks for my caregiver to climb on his chest to get attention, no matter what the hour, the  she is at his feet until she finds her own space for the rest of the night.
And here I thought I wasn't a cat person. I am observed as I write this and soon she will be on my desk, walking all over the keyboard but careful not to knock anything over. How do they do it?
Well, enough, that's my story and I am sticking to it!
and a good story it is too madman---catman!
thank you so much for all the energy and inspiration you put into this "pretty close to the damned grave!" group. I am here and i appreciate and am helped by it. Keep it up. Hello eve.

Did we lose you dalubaba?
My Young Heart!
Shinty i thought you liked this group?
The rest of you who at first were thrilled to find us! What happened to you?
What is up with that?
Are we just too boring.
Do we not mope about and groan and complain and whine enough?
C'mon now. Re-inspire this group and therefore yourself----you know how it works. Check some of the earlier posts. Find some inspiration. Help me out here you guys i really do feel like just a very few of us are carrying this group right now. Where are you? Don't give up!

Why oh why aren't you "working" It?............

Hi om,

Any warm cuddly pets, you ask?  Yes, we have a very warm and cuddly
cat called Sammy. He is a male ginger cat, almost nine years ago who
we adopted from a cat rescue about two years ago. He loves to cuddle
and jump up on our laps, especially when hubby and I are watching tv
on our couch. Sammy will come over to the couch, look at me and
before you know it, he jumps up onto my lap and starts kneeding my
lap. Apparently that's something kittens do to their mothers, so I put
up with it even though sometimes I feel his sharp claws. Then after
he's finished kneeding my lap, Sammy snuggles onto my lap and he
stays there about 10 minutes or so while my husband and I both stroke
his fur and he purrs. It's almost a nightly occurance. He's a big cat but
very gently. He acts like a kitten still. Anyway, he's our big furry huggable
furbaby. Do you know he was going to put down because someone in
his former home was allergic to him ? It was a total fluke that I found
out about him. I saw a picture of him on a cat website and I said to
my husband, we were looking to adopt another cat, he needs us.
That's how Sammy came to join our family. Cheers, Eve :)
hooray for you guys!
and Sammy is just showing yo how much he" kneeds" you!
(sorry about that---kinda obvious one huh?)
Story of Mommy girl and Sammy is good enough to make non-cat person to cat-person.In our circle, all our members non-cat and non dog persons. So it is interesting to read the stories about the animals.We normally use these words cats and dogs when it rains heavily.
Animals have a way to take our pain away.
If you look at the whole picture, animals are sensitive to what their human counter parts feel. When animals have a bond with humans, they 'know' when something isn't right but they don't know what to do about it. They give affection because that is part of the bond but what more can they do when you are in pain?
My cat knows but stares continuously. Then she will come over to me for a rub or for me to comb her. It is not her being selfish, it is just her response to something she doesn't know what to do about when she sees me in pain. (personally I think, she is working on the distraction method...she knows I will take to her when I rub her and I think that is part of the cat psychology)
What ever the reasoning, animals are a good part of therapy, serve a purpose in depending on humans and help us live a healthier life both physically and mentally.
Imagine the money we could save from the doctor if we all had an animal to care for?
so true. And experiment after experiment says so true. When nature and science-----and madman----say it is true---we should listen.    om
I have received 'feedback' on other boards where members say that pain and mental/emotional support do not work. Members have criticized me for saying that pain is stronger than the emotional and mental part of the mind that creates pain. To these members I say...bah!!!
When you realize there is a limit to what medical doctors can do, you have to create some type of stability to balance life.
I have lived with pain for years, one day good, one day bad, but in the overall, when you realize you have a good day, NO ONE wants to question how that good day happens? What causes that moment when you don't feel pain?
Nights are the worse for me, when the mind and the body are winding down from the days events. This is a natural process. Our minds are conditioned when we tell our brain, OK, it is time to go to sleep now and then you notice the pain is more severe. Does anyone stop to think of this?
Do you really notice the moment when you don't have pain and what is happening at that moment? What is the brain doing at that particular moment in time that the body does not 'notice' pain?
Is it really the drugs? How long do the drugs take to work? Why don't the drugs stop the pain? The drugs just seem to 'slow down' the pain but doesn't stop the pain.
Narcotics? A double edge sword. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Why? Why when I take the narcotics, do I notice my pain issues increase?
Sometimes this is the effect of narcotics. Every notice that?
Pay attention to what the brain does in a time of crisis. Notice when something nice is happening, what is happening to that pain cycle at that moment in time.
There is a reality here for all of us to find. The balance between the good and the bad days.
Learn to turn on the brain to endorphins and educate yourself on what endorphins do to the brain. You will be surprised by the results.
Hello TheMadMan,

So, you were going to guess lizards. You would have been right.
I like this game too. George was an anole and a mighty fine lizard.
I was quite upset when he passed away. He even got some kind
of condition where he something grew over both of his nostrils.
Poor George had to open his mouth to breath. It was like he was
gasping for air. He probably was gasping for air. I happened to
be taking penicillin ( liquid red) at the time. I used to get a lot of
ear infections as a kid. I asked my dad if I could give my lizard
some penicillin after all it helped me. My dad had the idea of
giving George penicillin off the end of a match stick, the wooden
part. George actually licked off the penicillin and he got better.
True story, TheMadMan. I loved my lizards. I know it sounds
weird , but it's true. There's still a special place in my heart for
lizards, especially anoles. Eve :)
Re : May 28th post about your cockatiels

Hi TheMadMan,
I enjoyed reading your comments about Chester and Ester. They sounded
like such adorable and smart birds. My husband and I actually have a
cockatied called Cutie because he's very cute. We think he's a male because as you say it's hard to tell. I only know from a cockatiel book I
have, that male cockatiels usually have brighter colors. We've had Cutie
for almost ten years now. It made me very sad to hear that both of your
beloved Chester and Ester passed. Cutie has two little mirrors in his cage
and he loves to look at himself. We thought of getting another cockatiel
to keep him company, but then decided against it.  Cutie has a room of
his own in our townhouse. We call it the Cutie room. Cutie is quite a
character. The pet store we bought him from gave me a discount on
him when we bought him because they didn't know what sex he was
or how old he was. When I let Cutie out of his cage within his room,
I always close the curtains in his room so the window is hidden.
According to the book, if a cockatiel sees a iwindow there is a danger
that he or she may fly into the window because they don't know it's
a window. They think it's open sky so they try to fly through the window
crash and , well , you know what happens. This is why Cutie is never
allowed outside his room as we have a cat too who is very curious
about the closed room where Cutie lives. Cockatiels are so smart.
Your Chester and Ester sound like such wonderful little characters.
I am so sorry for the loss of these lovely darlings. Blessings, Eve :)

Hi om,

Thank you. The truth is we need him as much as he "kneeds" us. lol
It's not obvious, it's hilarious. Ever since I adopted my first darling little
ginger cat Mandy from an animal shelter, I've become a major fan of
cats. I had the pleasure of Mandy's company for fourteen years. She
passed away from breast cancer. Yes cats can get breast cancer.
I was heart broken when I new Mandy had to be put to sleep. Even now
thinking about that time, I feel the urge to cry even though she passed
more than 10 years ago. My husband and I didn't want a new cat immediately. I had to mourn my Mandy first. After my husband and I
moved into our townhouse, we began to think about adopting another
kitty from the animal shelter. My husband's daughter adopted a kitty
from an animal shelter who she named Jade because of her green eyes.
My husband and I decided on boxing day in 2005 to adopt this lovely
calico cat we found at the shelter. She was sick at the time but the
shelter told us she probably had a cold or respiratory infection. She
looked like she needed us to save her. We did save her and she got
better and I named her Belinda. We discovered through a blood test
given by a vet that Belinda had FLV. (feline leukemia virus) which
makes their immune system especially vulnerable. Poor Belinda had
the worst skin rashes. We never did get to know the cause of them.
Our vet who was mystified as to  how to proceed, referred us to a
vet who specialized in allergies, rashes etc. We got medicine for our
Belinda and kept the rash under control , but it was a daily procedure.
We had Belinda's wonderful and extremely affectionate company for
almost five and a half years. We adopted her when she was five and
a half years old. Belinda became very sick. She was diagnosed with
spleen cancer a very rare form of cancer for cats. I agreed to surgery
for Belinda and her spleen was removed. She came back to us like
a totally changed cat with renewed energy. I think the surgery bought
her three more months of life. The cancer returned as it had apparently
spread. We had no choice but to have Belinda put to sleep. She was
such a darling cuddly cat. She loved to jump up onto my lap, put her
paws on the computer keys and pretend to type. I was heart broken
when she passed too. I told my husband I didn't want to adopt any more
cats as it was much to painful when they passed away. However, when
we saw Sammy's plight, I told my husband he needed us to save him.
That's how to came to have our sweet Sammy who is currently sitting
infront of the patio window with the door open, but a screen infront of
it, peacefully watching the squirrels and birds that we feed every day.
Animals, you gotta love um. Hope today is good for you. Eve :)
Hello TheMadMan,

I so enjoyed reading your comments about TheMommyGirl. Love her name.:)  It sounds like she's one lucky girl and it sounds like you and
your care giver absolutely adore her. Cats are such wonderful companions.
Thank you so much for taking her in and caring for her so beautifully.
Blessings, Eve :)

our group has gone to the birds!
There has been enough 'birdseed' thrown out there?
With the price of cat food going up, birdseed may be the way to go. It's cheaper,goes farther, good for the digestive system and can be mixed with a variety of nuts and flakes.
Food for thought?
i do have a recipe for parrot pie.
Cruelty to parrots!!!
Besides their little beaks are so hard on the digestive system.
yes and how do you know that mr. mad?  

HEY everybody. Let's move to another thread ---this one is over 70 posts!
Let's switch.
(sorry about the caps----i slipped and hit the lock and voila---but who really cares? I think it is stupid to worry about caps or not---like someone is really yelling or what folks? Somebody clue me in----do you find it to be kinda stupid
Did you say the word STUPID? Can I quote you on that?
All right, you pick a topic. How about something in the line of stupidity? Now there is a topic for discussion!
I have used Lyrica for years and haven't ever found that it helped with the tolerance issues. Where did you arrive at that conclusion?

Just curious.
my pm doc----she has also used baclofen for some folks----just depends on the person---genetics----diet----other drugs----interactions--etc.
and if lyrica helps with nerve pain---one application----it helps keep the opiate use down.....om
i didn't forget the animals madman! Here's one. Lightning bees! What is a LB----what does it do? Have i posted about them before? What do they have to do with chicken milk?  And what does this have to do with chronic pain?
Think hard!

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