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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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constant pain all the time

Hi Everyone, I have had upper back/Neck/Shoulder pain for about ten years now, And In 2000 I started getting tingling sensations all over and some numb spots, that went away after a while, but then returnd about four years ago along with wrist, finger, hand, arm, leg, feet pain, Just random pains all over with the tingling. The upper back/chest area is always stiff feeling and hurts to move. Im seeing a neurologist, i had a skin biobsy for small fiber neuropothy, but still waiting on that. They say there pretty sure that this is what it is, I may have fibro too and a little anxiety sometimes. I also have low magnesium, and b6  but im taking supplements for that.  Im just wondering why i have constant upper back/chest/shoulder/neck pain all the time.  I also get strange chest pains that come and go, i have had numerous EKGs a stress test also, all were fine!  Any anwsers i would appreciate it - Thanks so Much
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hello butterfly and welcome to our little group. I am so sorry you have this to deal with at such a young age (yes 32 is Young believe me). And not knowing what is the cause has got to be scary. There are a lot of techniques at this site so read thru the posts---they don't necessarily stick to the stated topic  so i suggest reading All of our wonderful posts.
      And don't be bashful or afraid and just post away. You will figure it out. And you will fix it once you know what the eff it is. So why not for now practice those things that bring you relief----practice anxiety relaxing and releasing stuff----breathing---focusing----yoga asana----do a little research and stay positive---say yes yes yes all the time (inner not outer dialog! Ha!.  anyway welcome and keep us posted butterfly.  omhome
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Hello Butterflymae

I am glad to hear that you have a neurologist to help you through this.
I am not a doctor but it sounds to me like a misfiring in your nerves, I have Sciatica and my Sciatica nerve is stuck in some rods that were put in my back 3 years ago.  I never know when my nerves are going to go off, but when they do I am down for the count until the misfiring settles down.  I don't know anything about fibro or skin biopsy, but maybe someone else here does.

I do know that depression had made my pain worse, the tension in my body and how I held myself actually was worse while I was depressed.
Winter was actually worse with the coming of the dark days and more time spent thinking about my life.

I started SAD Light therapy, ( Seasonal Affective Disorder ) and almost from day one started feeling relief...Along with the SAD light, I joined MedHelp Here and have made full use of the forums that I can contribute to.  I read motivational literature and journal my feelings, even feelings I don't think have anything to do with depression, but actually do.

Pain does affect your body, your mind and your soul....Chronic pain actually makes a path through your psyche and helps to keep open the pain receptors which makes it even easier to feel pain...

I do hope we get a chance to see you here again...I for one would love to hear how you are doing and what you are doing in your quest for a better, healthier life....

Thank you for posting and I am sending you best wishes tonight...

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As my friends above have said..welcome.
We hope to help you and let you rant and rave if need be..
I try to write books on these but my iPad keeps me from doing that....
I suffer from  dysthetic vulvadynia, post cataract jabbing electric eye pain, sciatica ..trigeminal neuralgia  a constant ring..roaring pain in one ear..and left nerve plexus or arthritic lumbarvpain,,,,
all cycling thru my body like a rubberband on a slinky..other autoimmune diseases could be the cause ..
Keep a diary of where,when,how your pain is ..for instance..nighttime, noon when you might be up and movingly, and bedtime .....
I am 63 and only started my diary 6 months ago..Shame on ME..
  Get the best info-you can..do not be afraid to ask  ..
Bless your heart, you are so young and I assure you this will help.
we are here for you!
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i am so sorry to say but i hesitate writing or thinking your nickname-----the repetition will bring this statement to fruition and you will find that you really cannot----the unconscious takes the ball (any ball---any thought) and runs with it.  I like your posts and your sharing so please forgive this little aside--please.   omhome
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I came across a group who plans to do impossible acts. Each member plans his project which wants to implement but could not do so. Each member give feed back in the forum of the group. So everybody become Icando from icannnot do. Most of the members(about 70) decide on a project to take colds shower up to 1st April. they post their experiences in the forum.
So make a project that you will visualize your sensations as trivial or you visualize the Doctors and nurses are helping you to be free form unpleasant sensations. your friend, your acquaintances,your neighbors  and the universe is helping you to be free from sensation.Do this thinking/visualizing 3 or 4 times a day. You are already taking a treatment, visualize the medicine is having good effect on you. Make this project a top priority. Even little success will have snow bowling effect. You can and you must plan a suitable impossible project for becoming ICAN.
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